Is Your Home Ready for Guests?

There are times when we are ready to entertain and host guests in our home and those where life gets in the way of our best intentions. We are forced to prepare in a short period of time, often with no help. My one-week organizational plan has come too late to share with you at this point so I am here to provide my 30-Minute plan to prepare your home for welcoming guests with confidence. This plan allows you to tackle some cleaning, organizing and general aesthetics. This plan can also be used for the clean and tidy alike. If you simply need to primp your home and you’ve already been chipping away at it all week, here is a review to ensure your home is given that quick once-over.

30 MINUTES BEFORE (BATHROOM) Spray the inside of each toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and let sit while cleaning the mirror, counter etc. Quickly clean with toilet brush when done other tasks. Wipe down the counter and then use glass cleaner on the mirror and faucets last.

Empty the garbage and ensure adequate hand towels liquid soap, tissue and toilet paper are available.

20 MINUTES BEFORE (KITCHEN) Wipe down counter, table and sink and empty garbage.

15 MINUTES BEFORE (SITTING/LIVING ROOM) Remove all clutter like remotes, scattered DVD’s, collections of magazines and put them in their appropriate place or throw them out.

Dust your coffee and/or end tables. Fluff up couch, chairs and pillows that are placed on them if applicable.

7 MINUTES BEFORE (FRONT HALL) Do a quick sweep or vacuum and put all shoes in a closet or out of sight. Turn porch light on if necessary.

5 MINUTES BEFORE (WHOLE HOUSE) If you haven’t done it already vacuum all areas guests will likely be in such as hall, sitting room and/or kitchen.

Shut the doors to all other bedrooms unless already clean, tidy and presentable.

YOU’RE DONE! Feel good about what you just accomplished in 30 minutes. For less stress and chaos try to give yourself more breathing room next time and see my One-week plan for tips!

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