Crosman M70 Automatic Airsoft Gun: Hack to Increase Fire Power

Although hacking is generally regarded as computer or internet related, there are many ways to hack everyday items. Hacking simply refers to modifying a product either from its intended purpose, or enhancing the product with modifications. This is a fairly easy hack to do on an air pistol that shoots pellets. On your next trip to Wal-Mart, pick up a Crosman M70 automatic airsoft gun. This air pistol is a full auto mini electronic machine gun. It holds up to 84 plastic BBs and has a Hop-Up propulsion system. This plastic air gun takes four AA batteries and comes with 100 plastic BBs. The gun can generally last a full day on one set of batteries. It does okay for a plastic pellet gun, but if you want to see how much power you can tweak out of this gun, try this hack and check out the amount of power increase!

First step: Open the plastic case of the gun, but be really careful not to lose the springs that will inevitably shoot out of the gun. On the right side of the gun, you will find six phillips-head screws and one phillips-head screw on the left side of the gun. You will have to carefully pry off the orange tip and then the gun should pop open. Make sure to collect all the pieces that come out of the gun, you will need all of them.

You will notice that the plunger that comes back and presses on the main firing spring doesn’t come all the way back; there is still room for it to come back some more. Because the spring isn’t compressing all the way, to its fullest potential, there is energy being wasted. We are going to harness that energy! Energy is a terrible thing to waste, so drop something in the plunger to take up the space. You can use a 3/8ths nut. Be careful not to damage any of the parts or strip the gears. If you do, you will have to buy another gun and start over. At this point you have hacked the gun and the power mod is complete. All you have to do is put the gun back together. Put all of the pieces back inside and close up the case. Your M70 now has more power. You can confirm the increase in power by shooting something that is noisy, like a tin can or a piece of metal before and after the mod. You should get a very satisfying increase in the decibel level of the hit. There you go, more bang for your buck!

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