Is Your Teenager Ready for a Driver’s License?

The most exciting day of your teenagers life is almost here. But is your child really ready for the responsibility that comes along with driving? Some parents do not realize that in several countries around the world over 100,000 people are killed in traffic accident each year.

These teenagers are chiefly responsible for the growing number of deaths on the road today. According to the Journal of American Insurance: The increase in accident rates can be traced to the upsurge in young drivers. If you take a minute to think about it two out of every five young drivers will have an automobile accident this year. A study released by the “National Safety Council publication” stated that thousand more between the ages 15 to 24 are dying on American highways each year.

Not only are they killing themselves, but they are also killing others as well. The passengers riding with them, occupants of other cars, and even innocent pedestrians are all dying from being struck down by youngsters behind the wheel of an automobile.

There are several reasons why teenagers have such a poor driving record. First their is a lack of driving experience. In an effort to provide the needed experience many driving-education courses are now offered at a majority of the high schools in the United States. Another very strong reason for this poor driving record is that many are prone to be exuberant and thoughtless, often lacking judgment and love to be dared. Their minds are still young and unfortunately they do not suddenly mature overnight when they get their drivers license.

As a parent it is your responsibility to recognize whether or not your child is mature enough for a drivers license. Some feel that the law should be changed again to raise the driving age even higher. They feel that this would lessen the number of beginners on the road who lack experience. There is however still a large group of people who feel that this is unfair to teens.

Once your child has passed their driving course and you have taught them everything you know, do not think that you have fulfilled your responsibility. It is important that you as a parent give your teenager plenty of pratice, and experience with you in the car. Try giving them a few mock emergency situations and explaining to them how to handle it. Give them practicle experience at turnpike speeds. It is also wise to teach them to handle skids, and different types of weather.

It is your responsibility to see that your teenager is a stable person who values life and the property of others. They should have the proper respect and understanding of the law. One of the most important things that you can teach your teen is to think while they drive. They should always be analyzing the traffic situation. Take the time as a parent and follow a few of these steps, your child’s life and others may depend on it.

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