Is Your Work Environment Conducive to Productivity?

Work environment is more that just a desk, a chair and a computer. At least, it should be! But, what makes for a comfortable, inspiring and appropriate work environment? Even in factories and other “non-office” environments, there are things that can be done to create an inviting and invigorating environment. Let’s look at some easy suggestions that can turn a “blah” workplace into something spectacular…

Don’t overlook the power of plants. Plants are one way to add livability, hominess and improve the quality of air in your work environment. There have also been studies done showing that in environments with poor air quality and new buildings, an abundance of plants actually makes the air healthier and the environment more conducive to creativity and productivity.

Lighting, adequate windows, and air circulation are other elements that add to the quality of a workplace environment. There’s nothing like fluorescent lighting to sap the energy and pleasantness out of a room. Desk lighting, access to day light and good air circulation (which includes adequate heating and cooling) make a huge difference in creating a good atmosphere.

Décor is often overlooked, but nice, clean carpets and furniture, framed artwork, decent supplies that aren’t broken or battered and plenty of space for meeting and taking a break also contribute to overall workplace comfort. It’s amazing what a little updating-replacing worn and outdating carpeting, changing the window blinds or curtains, etc. can do to invigorate a workforce. Not to mention, a fresh coat of paint, an inviting reception or break room, and a regularly cleaned and maintained environment!

In the modern world of cubicles and open spaces, the importance of privacy and quiet nooks can be overlooked. Workers are happier and are likely to feel respected and appreciated when they have private, adequate workspace and can “get away” occasionally during the day. Accommodating the need for privacy and individual expression are incredibly important-especially if the work environment is otherwise very open and “shared.”

Finally, adequate supplies and working equipment are very important. Often stated as one of the chief complaints of employees are inadequate supplies, poorly-working equipment and the lack of sufficient resources to actually accomplish the necessary elements of their jobs. This means creating an environment that adequately supports the company’s operations-paying attention to machinery, equipment, and support systems that make it possible for individuals to feel productive and efficient.

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