Is the Music Business Too Rough for Your Teen?

As you know there are new auditions for those with a musical talent just about every day of the week. But do you think that maybe the music business is too rough for your teenager? This article will discuss the down side to the music business, and give parents a few things to really think about before letting their child audition.

The music industry itself happens to be one of the grimiest businesses there is. People will lie, cheat and steal their way to success. Or more accurately for the money. If for one minute they think that you will not produce big money for them they will get rid of you. When trying to survive in the music business the younger you are the harder it is. Most teen stars grow up to be adults with a lot of problems that they really did not bargain for.

They actually become the main supporter of the entire family, so if they don’t work the family gets no money. This is obviously a lot of pressure to put on any young teenager. Whether they are talented or not is it really worth the loss of your childhood and your privacy. For example when they first fall in love it will be in every newspaper and on all the entertainment channels. To make matters worse when they experience their first breakup this is also published.

But what about the teen stars that are not adults and say they would not trade it for the world? Well look at how much money they have and how they live. Would you want to trade that for a regular job with minimum wage or possibly something a little higher? These music celebrities have paid their dues and now at the age of twenty one or twenty two they can buy million dollar homes, and cars, so why would they say they don’t want that.

Of course that kind of life would look glamorous to anyone but bear in mind that there is always a down side. Most of these teen music sensations have had to deal with drug or alcohol abuse, and even eating disorders. Remember that this business is all about how you look. If you gain one ounce of weight you will be criticized for it, and not in a nice way. They will point out every single flaw that you have.

Then the teen will try every solution they can think of in order to look perfect to the public. You no longer control your life, they do. All the money in the world is not worth living a miserable life as an adult. The bottom line is that there are many good things that can come from being in the music industry, but just as many negative things as well.It definitely pays to take into consideration both sides. It may be best to make your teen wait until they have reached a level of maturity within themselves. This way what the media or anyone else has to say about them will have no affect on them mentally. Their best interest should be your main concern.

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