Best and Worst Places to Buy Video Games in Waverly

In Waverly, Ohio, you can purchase new or used video games. The number of places to buy from is very limited, so it is easy to rank the best, okay and worst places to shop.

Believe it or not, Wal-Mart is the best place to buy video games. Wal-Mart provides a descent sampling of what is available. All popular games are usually in stock. Wal-Mart also has most name brands of game decks in stock, and a wide array of video game accessories. Wal-Mart also sells Mad Catz products, the generic accessories that cost considerably less than the name brand counterparts. Keep in mind though, you get what you pay for.

The prices are usually in accordance with the market, but sometimes the merchandise is on sale for a few bucks cheaper. Of course, when you buy from Wal-Mart the product is new and you can count on their regular return policy if you receive a bad game.

Waverly Wal-Mart is located at 990 West Emmitt Avenue and can be reached at 947-1700.

The second best place to shop for video games is at the Circle C. The Circle C sells and buys games and accessories. The quality of game discs run from good to nastily scratched. However, Circle C will negotiate on a fair return policy.

It is so loaded with used game choices that there is hardly room to move around in the tiny shop. Unfortunately, there is so many games for sale that there is not enough room to show them all. Many games are stacked up behind each other on the shelves, leaving the customer to sort them out.

As I said already, the Circle C also buys games. This is great for the gamer with quite a collection. Simply take in some unwanted games and use the credits to purchase newer ones. A customer should be over eighteen in this case, but they also deal with unattended children. This is the only thing that some parents have against this system.

Circle C is located at 6610 State Route 220 and can be reached at 947-0175.

The Pike County Pawn Shop ranks worst in line. Pike County Pawn sells used game decks, games and gaming accessories. Stock is limited to whatever they have on hand, but the stock continually changes as people lose their possessions to the pawn broker.

There is a three day return time if you purchase a defective game and have the reciept. However, if you are purchasing a game that has several discs or is very long, like an adventure journey, then be sure to closely inspect the game since they will not allow any returns after three days for any reason.

The only plus about Pike County Pawn is that they don’t allow pawns on any gaming item that is generic. So it is very rare that a Mad Catz item is there.

The Pike County Pawn Shop is located at 720 West Emmitt Avenue and can be called at 947-7101.

Even in small cities video games are a big hit. More places to look for games is at Movie Gallery and Waverly Video.

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