It’s All About Faith

It’s all about faith. Each day we live, we live in faith. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How can he say that it’s all about faith? I don’t believe in God or religion.” You don’t have to believe in God or religion to have faith. It fact, faith operates apart from God and religion quite freely.

Think about each day when you get into your car. Most of you ‘just know’ that your car will start and you’ll get to work. When you get to work you sit in your chair and ‘just know’ that it will hold your weight. You go down stairs to the cafÃ?© and get a cup of coffee and ‘just know’ that the cup will not spill the hot java juice on your hand!

That is faith in action! Each time we act and ‘just know’ the outcome. The outcome has been proven time and time again, over and over. The outcome is same, almost every time, so we don’t ever think of these activities or events as being a demonstration of faith.

Allow me to bring this even closer to home. How many of you have a significant other? Can I get a show of hands? Good. That proves that most of you have placed some amount of faith in another person and their ability to love and care for you. You see that person and you believe that they will look out for your best interests and not betray your trust in them.

Let’s take this a step further. How many of you have a secret that you have shared with the significant person in your life? A secret that could be potentially embarrassing toy you? This time, I don’t need any response. You have chosen to believe that the person you trusted with your secret will not betray that trust and tell someone else that potentially embarrassing information about you. It takes faith to tell someone this type of information. It is a belief that no harm will come as a result of sharing sensitive information.

Now, I’m not a minister or preacher. You all know this and know that I work in a company just like you. I have a regular job that requires me to be on site from 9 to 5:30, five days a week. When I speak, I try to speak from personal experience. I talk about faith with great confidence, because I know what faith looks like and how it works.

Since we agree with all the information just spoken, could there be a creator, God if you will, that requires us to exercise the same faith as mentioned previously? Could this creator desire to have a relationship with each of us, but only by way of faith? I don’t know about you, but I have been in enough close calls in life to decide that I can answer the last two questions. I have been near death on more than one occasion and in those times I relied heavily on my faith to get me through the situation at hand.

I don’t believe in chance meetings or fortune circumstance. I believe that my Creator maps out a path for me to follow by faith with many choices. He allows me to get into my car each day, get to work and sit in my chair and most important not burn my hand with hot coffee. Maybe you should think about your faith today and come to terms with what you cannot see. Maybe it’s time for you to have a conversation with the one who has a greater plan for you. Remember that it’s all about faith and we live in faith each day.

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