It’s All About the Salad Dressing

In my younger years salads were not in my diet as they just didn’t register as “tasty” on my palate. Finally, a light bulb went off in my head and I figured out why my greens were always so bland. “It’s all about the dressing!” I finally found one that ended the “unsavory salad” curse. Now ever time I want irresistible flavor, I reach for the Olive Oil Balsamic Dressing by All Seasons. This great addition to your fridge can be used as a dressing, a marinade, and a dipping sauce, and it’s available at a Wal Mart near you.

The first thing I noticed about “Olive Oil Balsamic Dressing” by All Seasons was the smell that drifted out of the bottle and right into my nostrils causing a “Pavlov’s Dog” type of reaction. I was salivating and my taste buds were screaming! This was all ready proving to be a little more tantalizing than the Ranch and Thousand Island that had been forced down my throat all of my life and I hadn’t even had the first bite.

Not only has it made my salads irresistible, but it has kept my baked vegetables and meats exciting and flavorful! I have marinated meats overnight for extra taste and have used it as a basting sauce for bread while baking. My guests are always curious about my “secret recipes.”

Olive Oil Balsamic dressing also makes a great dip for vegetables, french fries and pizza crusts. The possibilities are endless with this unstoppable blend and can be found exclusively at a Wal Mart near you.

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