Best Ways to Eat Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits in the world. It has a brown skin, light green flesh and white pulp in the centre. Kiwi fruit has several health benefits like preventing colon cancer and asthma as it contains Vitamin C and Potassium. There are many ways in which this delicious fruit can be consumed.

If you want to know different ways through which you can eat this fruit, simply scroll down and learn through the step by step guide which we have compiled. There are at least six to seven ways through which you can eat this fruit, or even drink this fruit if you are planning to make a milkshake or a juice.

Things Required:

– Knife
– Spoon
– Kiwi Fruit


  • 1

    Eat it raw

    You can eat the kiwi as it is. The skin has a high level of fibre, flavonoids and antioxidants which are great for the body. However, you need to clean the kiwi fruit properly before eating it. There might be dirt or pesticides on the skin, which should be washed thoroughly.

  • 2

    Peel the skin

    Some people may not like the skin of the kiwi fruit. The hair-like consistency will irritate them when they eat it. Thus, you can get a knife and peel the skin off the kiwi fruit. It is recommended to cut the ends of the kiwi fruit before you start peeling the skin off. Take your time as you do not want to damage the kiwi fruit while peeling it.

  • 3

    Slice the kiwi fruit

    You can consume the kiwi fruit by simply taking the knife and slicing it. You can eat the slices alone or place them in a fruit salad. The bright colour of the kiwi fruit will definitely enhance the taste and appearance of the fruit salad.

  • 4

    Add as garnish

    You can use the kiwi fruit as a colourful garnish. Simply slice it and then garnish on beverages, a bowl of ice cream or yoghurt. There are many different dishes in which you can easily use kiwi fruit as a garnish.

  • 5

    Make jam from kiwi fruit

    You can make some jam from kiwi fruit, which makes an excellent topping on a toast or a bagel for breakfast. Peel and slice the kiwi, put it in a pan and then add powdered pectin, sugar and pineapple juice. Boil the mixture and then pour it in a jar.

  • 6


    A great way to start off the day is to have a nice cold kiwi fruit milkshake. The slightly bitter taste of the kiwi fruit mixed with milk and ice cream (optional) make an excellent shake, which is also nutritious.

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