Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

It is hard to find people who do not like chocolate. It is a treat loved by the youngsters and adults alike; and you just cannot say no to it.

Gifting chocolate is a perfect way to celebrate, say sorry, get happy, ask someone for a favor and so much more. You just have to tear the wrapper, put it inside your mouth and embark on a tasteful journey. Little do we realize however, that a lot of hard work is done to make chocolate ready. There are many countries which specialize in its production and produce various varieties.


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    America is world's top chocolate producer. It produces the most in terms of quantity and the quality is praise worthy. Some of the famous companies are Hershey, Cadbury etc.

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    This is the country’s main export. Swiss are known for using the purest and best ingredients. The variety of chocolates in Switzerland is enormous. Some of the prominent names include Lindt, Toblerone, Truffle etc

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    Although it doesn’t produce cocoa but still the production of chocolate is great. The method of making chocolate is different from other countries. In this country, there is a tradition of making handmade chocolates even in this age. Godiva and Nirvana are among the famous brands.

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    Mexico is said to have brought the idea of chocolate to life. These treats are created as family recipes at a small scale and also on large scale in factories like Maya, La Soledad etc.

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    It is an important player in the worldwide chocolate production. One of the largest chocolate makers: Stollwerck is located here. Some of the most known brands are: Ritter, Milka, Toblerone etc.


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    The first ever chocolate factory came into existence in Spain; they are considered as the masters in this field.

    Spanish chocolate contains more cocoa, and the revenue generated by this sector is huge. Some of the famous chocolate makers here are: Simon coll, Aston, Fargar etc.

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    This is the culinary capital of the word. The country specializes in making dark chocolate and has an important position in chocolate making around the world. The chocolate market in France has increased at a rate of 2.2 percent in the last five years. Some of the main producers are: La Maison, Michael Chaudun etc.

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    United Kingdom

    Reputed as the first producer of healthy or organic chocolate, UK is a major chocolate producer. Production and selling of chocolate bars is the largest single contributor to UK's revenues with around 30 percent share.

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    The joy of eating chocolate was first discovered in Italia, one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world. The Ferrero group alone has sales of 5627 millions dollars. Some other well known brands are: Sutti, Venchi and Perugina.

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    The last country in this list is Denmark. Some of the most known and loved brands  like Twix, Snickers, Bounty and Mars are produced here.

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