It’s All for You

I in you and you in me,
We live so very harmoniously
You mean the world to me; you are my everything
Your voice is like music and your love has my heart sing
But when you passed away
The pain I did not want to stay
It stabbed me like a sword
Then God sent me comfort and love He had poured
I felt bad that my tears and emotion
Showed no true devotion
For He had missed my beloved more than I
The time had come to live as ONE; my beloved had to die
So that I could work up to living each moment for Him
Secure my treasure in heaven keeping love to the brim
I’m so happy that my beloved now lives with You in peace
And glad that I’m now left with love as selfishness did cease
Thank you Lord for strengthening me like I’ve never been before
Through hardship, pain, and struggle growth can be more and more
You teach me things at every step; and with Your boundless Grace
I see there’s only one religion named Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½love for God’ and one human race
You Shine
Oh divine

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