She walked gracefully upon the ground as the sun covered her like cloth. Her eyes radiating admiration in those around her as fear fled from the surroundings of her past. She could feel their eyes wrapping around her, engraving memories in her mind that felt so real. Her body shivered at the thought. Those thoughts. The thoughts which seemed to haunt her every moment of her life. The very same thoughts which taught her how to live a life of perfection.

She continued walking through the streets of New York City as though she had never seen such a miraculous sight. Though, all she could think about was the hate which formed within the cold hard surface of her heart on instinct.

Nothing tore her up more than the visions that her eyes mirrored through the world which now stood before her. She knew what she was and what she was here for, but deep down inside she wished it were someone else. All she wanted was to live a normal life but she couldn’t. She wasn’t normal, and she knew it.

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