When the Soul Speaks

It is not the end yet it feels as if I am at the end of a long restless road.

It is as if a huge invisible brick wall surrounds me, as if imprisoning me in a wonderful and beautiful world I have the priviledge of calling “The Garden”. It is aliken a bird in a glided cage, or the bride in the octagonal room.

Words reflected herein come from you, for the apparent creation is but a veil. What is the veil, but a thought form formed to veil your beauty, your greatness, your immense wisdom. Yet this awareness is but a limited perception at a limited level – the water runs in the drain that flows through the river, and ending up, in the oceans of life, yet the ocean itself is just a reflection, a veil, a thought form.

You are not, and can never be a form yet spirit is form in its finest. That thin line attributable and named the Sirah {the Path}. It is thinner and finer than a strand of hair, finer than a nano’s breadth measurement of a DNA. Yet within this world, within the DNA, is a word, a form, a veil. All seemingly apparent and hidden attributes of form reflects your immensity, your greatness. Be it the world where condensed light waves form an imagery, or in its finest, where the secret is hidden.

You know and you see, you feel every emotion, every breath, every movement be it in the hidden crevice of a lifeless rock, or an engorged tsunami. Life, death, loveâÂ?¦ these words reflect nothing but you. Only you know that it is not the end yet it feels as if the formed is at the end of a long restless road.Compared to eternity, this road is but a nano’s breath of your essence, yet to expound its limits would be tort for the thoughtless thinker.

Absolute freedom is returning home balancing on the tightrope of the Sirah between the hidden, and the apparent multiplicities. One needs to be a skilful performer to walk across safely.

Mere knowledge is insufficient.

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