Little Lyla Joe

There once was a little girl named Lyla Joe
She thought she knew all that was needed to know
She had to grow up faster then a little girl should
Always doing the bad things instead of the good
She seems so quiet and so very calm
You’d never know by watching her,
She doesn’t even know her own mom
She dresses herself, even brushes her hair
She never cries about her life being so unfair
She doesn’t complain
Or even care who is to blame
She approaches each day with a new hope
She thrives and continues to grow
It’s amazes me to think
Little Lyla is only four years old
Abandoned by her parents time and time again
Little Lyla will be happy to just hold your hand
She smiles and dances while we play
She has the ability to brighten each day
When she came to our home,
I thought I would teach her a thing or two
It seems I didn’t know a lot of the things she already knew

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