Its Good to Play Together

Sharing. The word alone means a great savings to people using the internet, a printer, or another resource they don’t have to buy multiple of. But how does it work? Is it reliable? Is it secure? Well in the next few months we will explorer the joys and concerns of networking and why you should have it.

Now the first thing you will need it something to actually share. The people that would get the most out of networking have more then 1 computer, broadband access to the internet (either cable modem or DSL), printing needs by all users, and files that are shared across the different PCs. Let’s take a look at a cost comparison for someone using networking and someone who does not. Let’s say they are paying $49 a month for broadband

Person A (Network) Person B
Internet Access – 3 PCs $49 $150
Printer $100 $300
CDs to burn data on to share $0 $30
Totals $149 $480

You see the difference? And the more Pcs you add the more person B has to pay! But you ask how much does it cost to set up a network? Well I am glad you asked that. The main components you will need to set up a wired network are

4 port wired Router – $50
# of Network adapters to correspond with # of Pcs networked ($15 each)
CAT 5 Cables ($15 each)
That’s it! The computer that’s already connected to broadband already has a network card and a cable so all you will need is an additional cable for the each new computer and a network card for each along with the router and you are ready. Be prepared to do a lot of work cabling if you have computers on multiple floors.
Now for you who choose an easier way, there is. With wireless networking you don’t need cables and you can put the network anywhere in your home or office. The router cost about $100 depending on which speed you want.

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