Jenn-Air Pro-Style 5.3 Cubic Foot Gas Freestanding Range Review

When you’re serious about your cooking, you need a gas range that will help aide you in your quest to prepare the perfect meal. While there are literally thousands of gas ranges on the market, only a fraction of these are worth your time and money. One of these appliances is the Jenn-Air Pro-Style 5.3 Cubic Foot Gas Freestanding Range, Model: JGR8885RDP. This gas range provides its users the ability to cook a wide variety of meals, ranging in size and complexity. Whether you’re cooking a holiday feast, or your Tuesday night dinner, this gas range will allow you to cook any meal easily and accurately. But what exactly are the features that make this gas range so unique?

The first feature that caught my eye with this gas range was the cooking options. I know that many people are afraid of using “cooking options” because they can easily become overwhelming and confusing. But because this range can simplify your cooking through its oven options I have found it to be a great asset to any kitchen. Some of the various cooking options within the oven include:

Bread Proofing: This feature is perfect if you enjoy baking your own breads. Normally cooking bread can be a difficult task, but this feature makes the entire process as easy as pie…or bread.

Cook & Hold: With this option you are able to cook your foods and then sustain their temperatures for a specified amount of time.

Keep Warm Option: This is one of my favorite options within this oven because it is the answer to a common problem. When you’re cooking a large meal, some dishes will be finished before others. In the past, you simply had to hurry and complete your entire meal so that the completed dishes did not get cold, but, normally you had to reheat these items because they did cool off. However, with this option the oven will sustain a low heat level that will not cook the food any further, but it rather sustains a constant temperature within the dish.

Some of the other features that you can choose from include the various burner temperatures and their ability to re-ignite if they have been extinguished. Of course, the overall capacity of this gas range is what lures most buyers. You will be able to cook your meals much faster within this 5.3 cubic foot oven that features a recessed broil element for safety and automatic conversion from traditional oven cooking times to convection cooking times. However, it is the price that will really make you excited. On average this Jenn-Air gas range is only $2,000. This is much lower than comparable models, which can be as high as $5,000.

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