The Wave of the Future: Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

The average American household uses incandescent light bulbs, also known as yellow light, in their houses. However, fluorescent light bulbs have started to take on a popularity of their own, no matter how small, and can replace yellow light bulbs throughout houses all across America. There are many benefits from using fluorescent light bulbs instead of regular incandescent lights. They are not only easier on the environment because they use less energy, but they are easier on one’s wallet because money is saved from using them. Even though fluorescent light bulbs are more expensive than regular yellow light bulbs, they have an enormous potential if more people in America would decide to switch over to using fluorescent light.

Differences Between Fluorescent and Incandescent

There are several differences between the two types of light, fluorescent and incandescent, which you cannot ignore. For one issue, incandescent light bulbs are more affordable to the average person. The thought of going to the store to buy a light bulb that is two to four times more expensive than the ones you are already using probably does not really appeal to most people. However, this also shows that Americans seem to take their usual lighting for granted because they don’t mind spending more for incandescent light bulbs than they would over the lifetime of the fluorescent light bulbs.

Another difference is the point that has just been mentioned: the life of the light bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs are known to last 10 times longer than regular yellow light does. The reason for this is that fluorescent light bulbs do not use as much energy while still producing the same amount of light. The fluorescent light bulb has a longer life than the incandescent because of this energy difference.

The color of the light produced, however, is different for both types of light. The light produced by the fluorescent light bulbs, some people say, seem like they are brighter than incandescent. However, one would still need to get used to the switch from incandescent to fluorescent if that is what they truly want to do.

Benefits of Using Fluorescent

Many people have found to enjoy great benefits from switching over to fluorescent light bulbs. The most obvious benefit is the saving of money. If one was to switch over even a single light bulb in their house to a fluorescent light bulb, that would be enough to produce a savings of around $3-4 per month on their electricity bill. Just think, then, how much money you could save per month if you were to switch over the entire lighting in your house to fluorescent light bulbs. The savings could be $20 or more per month, if not more!

Other benefits include not having to run to the store every time you need to change your light bulb. The fluorescent light bulbs have a longer life which is another reason it makes them more popular. Furthermore, people have said that fluorescent light is better for reading, studying, and it may even reduce the amount of headaches one experiences.

Even though fluorescent light is not the be-all, end-all to this American society, many people and households within the United States could greatly benefit from switching to fluorescent light. It only takes a moment to stop and think about how fluorescent light could not only change things within your household, but could change the energy consumption of society as a whole if more people were to start using fluorescent!

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