Jennifer Lopez a Woman with Many Different Labels

Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer, dancer, and fashion designer. This is a busy woman with many different labels. You know her name. But what do you really know about Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx on July 24, 1970. She was a gymnast in high school. At the age of 16, she got her first bit part in the film MY LITTLE GIRL. Yet, dancing at the time, was still her first love and won her a scholarship to a school of dance in Manhattan.

Jennifer Lopez then went on a tour, dancing across Japan. When she returned from Japan, she received a phone call, asking her to re-auditioned for a role as a “FLY GIRL” for the show IN LIVING COLOR. She had previously auditioned for this role and was rejected. This time she got the role and off to Hollywood she went.

The role of FLY GIRL set her career in motion. She was ready to start acting. Her next role was an acting role for a television show called SOUTH CENTRAL. It lasted one season. Then she went on to do television shows: SECOND CHANCES and HOTEL MALIBU.

In 1995, Jennifer Lopez’s movie career really began when she began working with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in the movie: MONEY TRAIN. She also went on to play opposites with big names such as Robin Williams and Jack Nicholson. But it was her work in MY FAMILY, MI FAMILIA that helped her to get the role of Selena Quintanilla Perez in the movie based on the official biopic of the fallen star tragically killed. This movie changed her life in several ways. It sent her career in superstar mode and it changed her personal life, as well. At the wrap party for the movie, her boyfriend Ojani Noa proposed. They were wed on February 22, 1997. Sadly, the marriage lasted less than a year. Not able to within the pressures of fame, the new marriage crumbled and they divorced.

On June 1, 1999, Jennifer Lopez released her first CD: ON THE 6. Her single IF YOU HAD MY LOVE from that first CD went platinum (meaning it sold over a million copies). This CD sent her singing career on fire.

Now Jennifer Lopez’s fans calls her their favorite movie actress, singer and dancer. But she hasn’t stopped there. Jennifer Lopez, along with many high powered stars, have become designers. She has her own brand of clothes, cosmetics, sunglasses and Glow perfume. Jennifer Lopez is a business in herself.

She hasn’t stopped performing. She is still singing. She is still acting.

Jennifer Lopez latest CD was entitled: REBIRTH which came out in March 2005. It didn’t do as well as her first CD. Yet, many fans did love it.

Yet, Jennifer Lopez remains a star. It is reported that she is the first Latina actress to make a million dollars per million as well as the first artist to have a number one movie out at the same time as a number one album. Jennifer Lopez is also the first Latina actress since Rita Hatworth to have a lead in a major Hollywood movie.

Jennifer Lopez also should be proud of the fact that she is the third actress to enter the $20 million dollar club, along with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Not bad for a lady who claims that deep down that she is still just JENNY FROM THE BLOCK.

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