Job Interview Questions

If you are new to the world of job interviews, or if you’re a job interview veteran, preparing for a job interview can be and usually is very stressful. There are a number of people who consider themselves experts in preparing for job interviews, and you will find book upon book with tips on preparing for job interviews that include huge lists of possible questions. Although these books and bits of information can be helpful, there is no way of preparing to the point of having a predetermined answer ready for every possible job interview question. The fact is, you never know for sure what questions will be asked during a job interview, and you can’t possibly memorize predetermined answers without sounding like an actor or actress in a low-budget movie.

The best course of action while preparing for a job interview is anticipating the most common questions. Begin preparing for those questions by contriving intelligent and sincere answers. Don’t try to memorize someone else’s idea of the perfect answers to 101 possible job interview questions. If you have confidence in your skills and abilities for the job you desire, begin preparing for possible job interview questions by boosting your self-esteem. Look within yourself, and start preparing honest answers to the following most common job interview questions.

Why Do You Want to Work With Us?

This is a very common question that you can most certainly expect in your efforts of preparing for a job interview. Why do you want to work for the company you’ve applied with? Answer this question by thinking of what you truly enjoy about the field in which you’re attempting to gain employment. If there is even a shred of appeal to the job you’re interviewing for, this job interview question shouldn’t be difficult to answer. If you can’t think of anything positive about the job in order to answer this easy job interview question, don’t waste your time interviewing for the job in the first place.

What Are Your Strengths?

No matter the field of business, employers want to know the strong points of people they are considering for employment. Keep in mind that strengths are not necessarily the same as skills and abilities. Are you tactful when working with the public? Are you a fast learner? Are you a perfectionist? Think of the characteristics you possess that would be an asset to the company you’re interviewing for. Keep the answers honest and direct, and don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. A positive attitude and a display of confidence is what employers are looking for when interviewing potential employees. An employee with confidence is an employee that cares about the job he or she is doing.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Let’s face it. No matter how educated or how skillful a person is, there is no perfect person. Everyone has weaknesses, and when interviewing potential employees, companies want to know where these weaknesses lie. This can be a difficult job interview question to answer since you want to cast a positive light upon yourself while interviewing for a new job. No one wants to admit fault or inability. Do you sometimes do the work for other people instead of impelling them to do the job they were hired to do? Are you the type of person who doesn’t always speak up when you should? You obviously don’t want to cut your own throat by saying you don’t always get along with your co-workers or you are poorly organized. While preparing for a job interview, think of weaknesses that aren’t deal breakers. Make sure when mentioning your weakness that you also mention you are working on improving those weaknesses. This will go a long way when interviewing for a new job.

What Are Your Accomplishments?

When asked what your accomplishments are when interviewing for a new job, keep in mind this doesn’t have to encompass job accomplishments. If you don’t have much of a work history, think of the achievements you’ve made in your life and what those achievements mean to you. Did you win a business award in high school or college? Were you chosen as a finalist in a countywide poetry contest? Were you an honor student in high school or college? No matter how trivial these accomplishments may seem, they are in fact accomplishments to be proud of. When interviewing for employment, proudly express yourself when proclaiming your accomplishments. A positive air of self-confidence means a lot when interviewing for a new job.

What Are Your Pay Expectations?

This is a loaded question that can make or break the chance of getting the job you desire. Everyone has a bottom line, but you don’t want to necessarily go straight to the bottom when interviewing for a new job. You also don’t want to knock yourself right out of the ballpark by telling a prospective employer that you are worth more than they are willing to pay. It’s best to do some research before interviewing for a new job. Search online and find other methods of investigating the average income of those in the field you’re interviewing to gain employment with. Do your homework before interviewing for a new job so you aren’t blind sided with this common job interview question.

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