Joseph Lieberman Loses Primary: One Bush Butt-KIsser Down, One More to Go

Sen. Joseph Lieberman lost his primary bid for re-election on the heels of having his lips permanently attached to George Bush’s anus since the illegal invasion of Iraq. What is most disturbing about Lieberman’s falling in love with the war policies of Pres. Bush is that just six years ago he was running in direct opposition to Bush during the 2000 Presidential election. That election was lost due to questionable (at the least) tactics conducted by members of not only the Bush campaign but the Bush family. That Lieberman could so easily forgive and forget such dirty politics is astounding.

Almost as astounding as John McCain forgiving and forgetting the personal attacks made against him by the Bush campaign in the 2000 S. Carolina primary. Karl Rove and Bush’s other buddies spread vicious lies about McCain that probably cost him not only the S. Carolina primary, but the GOP nomination. And yet John McCain has had his lips even further up Bush’s anus than Lieberman.

Weren’t these two guys supposed to be men of character? So why have both John McCain and Joe Lieberman supported a President who clearly has no idea why he is sacrificing the lives of thousands of men and women he doesn’t know? Lieberman is gone. Thank God. McCain is being mentioned as a nominee for President in 2008. Do yourself a favor and check his voting record. Check just how many times he has voted against Bush.

A vote for John McCain would be like re-electing Bush to a third term. Does anyone but Joe Lieberman really want that?

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