July 4th Party Ideas

July 4th is a time for food, fun, and fireworks, and what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with all three. If you’re having a 4th of July party, make an ordinary 4th of July party extraordinary with food that will wow your guests, fun for kids and adults, and a fireworks display that can be admired all day long.

4th of July Party Place Mats

The fireworks display that can be enjoyed all day at your 4th of July party can magnificently grace your party tables. You can create fantastic party place mats decorated with awesome bursts of color that look like the prettiest fireworks that adorn the night sky on the 4th of July. These place mats are easy to make, and you won’t have any trouble finding help while making these unique 4th of July party place mats. Kids love creating 4th of July party place mats, and what’s really cool is, no two place mats are exactly alike.

Fourth of July party place mats are very easy and affordable to make. All you need are sheets of heavy black or dark blue paper, acrylic paint in many bright colors, water, a paintbrush, a drinking straw, and a little self-generated wind power.

To make 4th of July party place mats simply dilute your favorite color of acrylic paint, and allow a big drop to fall randomly on the paper. Before the drop soaks into the paper, blow the center of the drop of watered down paint with the drinking straw. The paint will spread out like a beautiful firework with dozens of star bursts. Continue making fireworks using different colors of paint until the first place mat is sufficiently covered.

Optionally you can glue several small foil stars to the tips of the dry painted star bursts, or you can decorate the dried star bursts with colorful glitter glue. Use your imagination to make 4th of July place mats that are sure to add a decorative touch to any 4th of July dining table.

4th of July Party Eagles

These 4th of July party eagles aren’t for the birds. They are delicious chocolate covered cookies topped with frosted marshmallows that are decorated to look like bald eagles. These 4th of July party eagles are fun and easy to make, and they are almost too impressive to eat Everyone at your 4th of July party will want directions for these showstopping 4th of July goodies.

To make 4th of July party eagles you’ll need sandwich cookies of your choice, large marshmallows, a can of white frosting, whole cashews, and black licorice. You’ll also need a butter knife, a paring knife, and plastic pie container with a lid or another suitable storage container.

Simply frost a marshmallow with white frosting, and set the frosted marshmallow on top of the sandwich cookie. Stick the cashew into the frosting to form a hooked beak. Next, cut two eagle’s eyes from a piece of black licorice, and attach an eye to either side of the frosted marshmallow head. Make enough 4th of July party eagles to satisfy the sweet tooth of every party guest, and make a few extras. There are always a couple of party guests who ask if they can take one home to show friends.

Colossal 4th of July Party Burgers

Don’t serve ordinary burgers at your 4th of July party. Consider making colossal 4th of July party burgers that will immensely impress your 4th of July party guests. One of these burgers will feed several people, and guests will be shocked and delighted when they see these gargantuan burgers. One colossal 4th of July burger feeds approximately 6 hungry party guests.

To make one colossal 4th of July burger you will need 1 �½ pounds of lean ground beef, a round loaf of bread, �½ cup of cracker crumbs, 2 large eggs, your favorite hamburger seasoning, and your favorite hamburger toppings.

Begin making a colossal 4th of July party burger by mixing the meat with the cracker crumbs and beaten egg. The egg and cracker crumbs are necessary to help hold this colossal burger together. Form a burger to fit the diameter of the round loaf of bread, and bake the burger in a 350 degree oven in a shallow pan for approximately 30 minutes. The burger won’t be completely done, but it will be done enough to transfer to a broiler pan or grill.

Carefully transfer the partially cooked burger to a broiler pan or grill, and finish grilling or broiling the burger until the juices run clear. Season the burger, and drain the grease on a large plate covered with paper towels.

While the burger is draining, cut the round loaf of bread in half with a large serrated knife. Carefully transfer the colossal burger to the bun, and after all of your party attendants have seen this colossal burger, cut it into six equal pieces. Provide burger toppings of many kinds so guests can create a the 4th of July burger they’re craving.

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