Difference between Gammon and Ham

Some of you might have heard the terms ham and gammon which are used to refer to big meat from the hind legs. Several people love eating this meat as it is considered to be extremely delicious.

Despite the fact that both these meats sound the same, they are actually not. This is the reason why you cannot use these words in the same context. People are quite unaware of the differences which exist between ham and gammon and that is why they end up using these terms interchangeably.

Looking into the details will make you realize that there is a significant difference between both these terms. The basic difference lies between their curing and treatment. Scroll down in order to understand the difference which exists between these two.


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    The first and most major difference between ham and gammon is that the latter cannot be eaten straightaway after being purchased. You have to cook it properly and then serve it to your family or guests.

    On the other hand, ham doesn’t require any cooking at all. Whether it is smoked ham or any other variety, you can eat it with without wasting time on cooking. It is mostly used in sandwiches and salads, and not generally served as a main dish.

    Once you buy gammon from the market, you can cook it and convert it into ham yourself.

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    Gammon is pork meat which is cooked on special occasions such as Christmas. It is cured before being sold raw to people and is really delicious, if cooked with the right recipe.

    People do not usually buy an entire piece because of its large size, and it is usually divided into different pieces and then sold by butchers. The overall weight of gammon is 10 kilograms, which is way more than the requirement of a normal family. The common names of the gammon pieces are corner, middle, and slipper.

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    Just like gammon, ham is also the meat from the hind legs of a pig. However, it is not sold raw to people; it is processed first, and then it reaches the public. In addition, it is not really associated with any special occasion like Christmas.

    When you search the market, you will be able to find two types of ham, namely smoked hams and green hams. Just as the name suggests, the former of the two types is smoked before being sold to people. On the other hand, the latter has got nothing to do with smoking and is sold as it is.


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