Buying Guide: Indoor Grills

Even though summertime offers plentiful opportunities to grill outdoors, why wait for just one season to perfect your technique? With the high-quality lineup of indoor grills and barbeque options in kitchen appliances, you can make your signature steaks, burgers, and chicken any time of year! Indoor grills provide the flexibility of easy clean up, multiple uses, no-fuss heating options, and consistent, even cooking surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a small, individual serving size or a full-scale, family-friendly extravaganza, your options abound. Throw in a griddle option, food warmer, grease catcher, and dishwasher-friendly features and you’ve got a grill that beats most standard outdoor versions considerably.

Indoor grills are versatile and can be used to create healthy options for your favorite dishes. Many have a ‘drip-tray’ feature that can take care of excess fats and oils from your standard hamburger. Since spattering and smoking is conveniently at bay, you are left with a highly durable heat source for multiple uses. Flatter grills with heat controls also offer the advantage of pancake and egg-making directly on the surface. Still, don’t expect to find the standard ‘grill marks’ of a traditional barbeque experience with these models.

For the grill connoisseur and gourmet cook, appreciation is well-founded in ‘ultimate grill’ types; these models can offer a panini-style grill, hot plates, and interchangeable surfaces. Health-conscious indoor grill enthusiasts can delight in the George Foreman line for many uses and functions. Regardless of the size and general features, look for these other attributes when selecting your indoor grill of choice:

âÂ?¢ Manufacturer’s warranty
� Dishwashing and immersion guidelines for cleaning
� Aluminum or stainless steel surfaces
� Cookbooks with recipes for some great grilling ideas
� Light switches indicating if the grill is on or still hot
âÂ?¢ ‘Cool touch’ handles for easy moving and cleanup

Here are the top five best picks for your indoor grill:

Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler

The Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler Four Multifunctional grill is a sight to behold. The unique design offers a panini-style handle on the large surface, compelte with dials on the front to handle heat distribution for pancakes, burgers, steaks, and kabobs. Falling into the ‘Ultimate’ category, this grill is long-lasting and high-quality. Cuisinart’s high attention to detail shows in the sturdy design, dishwasher-safe dripping cups, and griddle conversion option, all encased in brushed stainless steel. Cleaning up is a snap with the scraping tool provided, and the convenient hinge on the grill’s fold is designed to adjust and accommodate even the thickest steak! The Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler is priced under $150.

George Foreman GR35SBTMR Jumbo Size Plus

This hefty model in the George Foreman line is perfect for a couple or small family; the stainless steel construction and handy timer make it a convenient and efficient, and the drip tray-inspired construction naturally encourages fat away from the food. The non-stick plate is easy to clean with the scraping spatula, and the automatic beeping timer is set for a standard 20 minutes. Enjoy the freedom of not having to watch or monitor your food with this model, as most meats and items will cook evenly on the 20 minute cycle. The surface boasts a 120 square inch cooking area, perfect for 2-3 hamburgers, 2 steaks, or a few chicken breasts at a time. The George Foreman GR35SBTMR is priced at $99.99.

BonJour Power 1800 Grill N’Griddle

This multi-functional ‘reversible’ grill can be used for anything from chicken and burgers to pancakes and eggs. The easy to clean cooking surface and elegant design also boasts handles that will not heat up while cooking. The grill is portable, efficient, and breaks apart easily for convenient cleaning. The temperature control offers ranges up to 475 degrees, and can easily be adjusted for any food type. The Bonour Power 1800 Grill N’Griddle is priced at $99.99.

Delonghi Alfredo Healthy Indoor Grill

If you’re looking for no compromise for your healthy grill pick, turn to the Delonghi Alfredo. This elegantly designed grill can be found in non-stick, die-cast Aluminum. The signature feature of this grill is its seasoning compoment; you can add your favorite seasoning directly into the AromaScenter container, and let the flavors absorb evenly and rapidly into your food. The 10″ x 14″ cooking surface is the perfect size for up to four large hamburger patties and larger steaks. The different temperature settings also enable you to keep food warm, or just cook slowly when needed. The Delonghi Alfredo Healthy Indoor Grill is priced at just $79.95.

T-Fal Fit ‘N Clean Indoor Grill

This well-designed model by Tefal, variable heat settings, nonstick grill plates, and three distinct cooking positions. You have the option of a broil position with this version, and it includes a drip tray to catch fat and excess oil. The surface area offers a 12″ x 8″ cooking surface, making it ideal for up to four large burgers or steaks. ‘Grill mark’ fans won’t be at a loss with this model! The even heat and cooking capabilities of the T-Fal Fit ‘N Clean ensure impressive grill marks on all meat and items, and the cooking plates are removable. This model is priced at $79.99

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