Kid Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Looking for the kid friendly restaurants that you know will be a success with your kids? Kid friendly restaurants are sprinkled throughout the city of Los Angeles. Check out these great kid friendly restaurants in Los Angeles.

Hamburger Hamlet has been a kid friendly restaurant in Los Angeles for quite a number of decades. Five decades to be exact. Hamburger Hamlet opened their doors to kids and their families in the 1950’s and have been serving up great burgers ever since. Their menu isn’t limited to just burgers though. You will also find fresh salads, roasted chicken, and many other options that are slightly healthier than a hamburger. The best part of this Los Angeles kid friendly restaurant has to be the dessert menu though. They serve up a chocolate lovers dream slice of chocolate cake topped with chocolate ice cream that is perfect to share while dining out with your kids. The original location is the store on the Sunset strip located at 4419 Van Nyus Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California, 91403. You can contact them directly at (818) 784-1183.

Islands is a great kid friendly restaurant in Los Angles that serves up good food in a tropical themed dining room that is sure to please younger kids. Papier-mÃ?¢chÃ?©’s toucans hang from the ceiling and you can’t help but be happy surrounded by the colorful walls and artwork. Sky blue ceiling fans keep customers cool while they enjoy a menu that is full of traditional American diner foods. Burgers, fries, salads, and great sandwiches are all traditional crowd pleasers for almost any kid. People of all ages dine at Islands and the atmosphere is really casual. It is not uncommon to see groups of college kids, families, and empty nesters all grabbing a burger and enjoying the happy 1960’s rock n roll music. Islands is a great restaurant for a date where the kids had to tag along. My personal favorite menu item at this kid friendly restaurant is the yaki tacos. Teriyaki chicken, chives, pineapple, and jack cheese combine to make a unique and tasty taco that is great. The yaki taco fits well into the tropical theme at Islands. Islands is located at 350 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California, 90212. You can call them directly a (310) 556-1624.

Gladstone’s Universal City Walk is a Los Angeles style restaurant that is perfect for dining out with the kids. Sawdust covers the floor and free peanuts run rampant. No need to worry about a long wait for a table causes you can keep the kids happy cracking peanuts and dropping the shells on the ground. Seafood is the order of the day at Gladstone’s Universal City Walk, so if your little one doesn’t like seafood, they may have very limited options. For an appetizer I recommend the calamari. Anyone who says calamari is passÃ?© can just ignore this recommendation and leave the rest of the calamari for me. On the dinner menu you find familiar favorites like surf and turf. Another good choice off the menu is the clam chowder. Not as good as the stuff in New England, but it is very good nonetheless. This seafood emporium is well known in Los Angeles and can get a little crowded. Families and kids in the area know it is the perfect place to have dinner and then walk over and take in a movie with the kids at the Universal Imax. If you do drive you will have to pay to park, but the cost shouldn’t be too much more than $10.

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