Places to Eat in Arcata

Living in Arcata and attending HSU can be kind of boring if you don’t know where to go when you are looking for something to eat. Luckily, there are many place to go to find exactly what you are craving for and you don’t have to own a car to get there. For instance, if you just so happen to be craving pizza, there are several places to choose from that serves great pizzas. Located at 1057 H St., Arcata Pizza & Deli not only serves great tasting pizza, but phenomenal sandwiches as well. There is also Smugs Pizza located at 1034 G St. and Live From New York Pizza located at 670 9th/ G St. that will satisfy that craving.

Not much of a pizza person? Would you perhaps prefer Chinese food? That’s great because there are also a few Chinese food restaurants in Arcata. Located at 1390 G St., New Fortune serves some of the best Chinese food that I have ever had. There is also Oriental Buffet which is located at 5000 Valley West Blvd. Of course if you are not much of a Chinese food eater either, there are plenty of Mexican food restaurants also. For instance, Hey Juan Burritos is located at 1642 Ã?½ G St. and serves some really great burritos. Also, Rico’s Taco’s is located at 686 F St. and Fiesta CafÃ?© is located at 850 Crescent Way. You can also find some very tasty BBQ in Arcata if you go to Porter Street BBQ located at 665 Samoa Blvd. / H St. But, if you are just in the need of some tasty dessert, you might want to check out Bon Bonier Ice Cream located at 791 8th / G St., Redwood Yogurt located at 1573 G St. / 15th, or Don’s Donuts & Deli located at 933 H St. / 19th.

Not hungry, but in great need of a coffee break? Well, then break free at Muddy Waters Coffee Co. located at 1603 G St., Coffee Break Internet Caf�© located at 2505 Alliance Rd., or Espresso 101 located at 4950 Valley West Blvd. Also, if you are over 21 and are searching for a place to get some great drinks and great food, you might want to try Humboldt Brewery located at 856 10th / I St.

So, as you can probably tell, there are a variety of places to find what you are hungry for. These are just a few of the many different options available to you; there are so many more to choose from ranging from burgers and subs to vegetarian and vegan restaurants. So, next time you decide to visit Arcata or Humbodt County, you should definitely check out some of these great places to eat.

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