How to Use Kava Kava Root Powder

Kava Kava root powder, or kava in simple words, is obtained by pounding kava root into a powder. Kava cannot be consumed in its original form. One has to make a kava drink in order to use this powder. Fortunately, this drink is very easy to make and requires only a few minutes to prepare. An important thing you will need to keep in mind when using kava is that there is no set dose for it, which means you will have to improvise in order to determine the proper quantity.

Things Required:

– Kava powder
– Mixing bowl
– Water
– Cheesecloth
– Bowls


  • 1

    Add an appropriate amount of kava powder and water to a bowl and mix. The amount of water you will have to use depends on how much kava you are preparing. Just be sure to use enough water to turn the powder into a liquid. It is easier to use kava powder in liquid form as compared to a paste.

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    Cover another bowl with cheesecloth and pour the kava powder liquid through the cheesecloth. This will strain solid kava powder particles from the liquid so that they do not get into your drink. Consider straining the kava powder twice or even thrice just to be on the safe side. Once properly strained, the kava powder will be ready for you to use.

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    Tradition dictates that kava powder drinks are meant to be consumed from coconut shells. Obviously that is a little hard to manage; in order to try and comply with tradition, however, consider drinking the kava from a bowl instead of a glass. Simply pour the liquid into a bowl, and drink it.

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    Kava powder can make you fall asleep rather quickly, depending on the amount of powder you used and the concentration of the drink. If you do not fall asleep, you will feel dazed or sleepy for a while. For this reason, it is best to either have it before bed, or when you are not required to perform tasks that need concentration, like driving.

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