How to Make a Rose Cone with Gum Paste

If you are planning an occasion such as a Valentine’s party, you can make gum paste rose cones to add an artistic touch to the occasion. Making gum paste rose cones is as easy as pie and the preparation should not take too long. More importantly, this simple recipe will not cost you much. Here is how you can make gum paste rose cones and amuse your guests and family with a cost effective recipe.

Things Required:

– A pair of clippers
– A piece of thick wire
– Egg white
– Gum paste


  • 1

    Make a little hook at the end of a piece of thick wire. Use a pair of wire clippers to accomplish this. If you are using a piece of wire approximately 6 inches in length, make the hook by bending about ½ inch of the wire.

  • 2

    Roll a small quantity of gum paste until it is in the shape and size of a large grape. Warm up the gum paste ball by rubbing it between your hands for 10 to 15 seconds. It will be easier to modify the shape of the gum paste ball while it is warm.

  • 3

    Now you need to roll the gum paste ball into the shape of cone. You can accomplish this by applying pressure on one side of the ball while rolling it on a flat surface.

  • 4

    Pick up the gum a paste and lightly pinch it on the same side to which you had applied pressure in the previous step. When you are done, the gum paste will be pretty much in the shape of a rose cone.

  • 5

    Dip the hook that you created in the first step in egg while. This is necessary to lubricate the hook because you will be inserting it into the gum paste rose cone.

  • 6

    Insert the hook into the bottom of the rose cone, keeping the hook in the centre of the cone.

  • 7

    Finally, to make sure that the cone does not fall off from the hook, pinch it around the base. Set aside the rose cone to dry.

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