Avocado, Tomato and Pepper Salad Recipe

Salads are generally served before meals as appetizers and usually include fresh and raw vegetables or fruits and together with some toppings or dressings, these become even more delectable. Light salads as avocado, tomato and pepper salad is normally served with parsley and coriander as garnishes and flavored with a simple yet tasty touch of lime, salt and grounded black pepper. This is a very nutritious dish and is full of vitamins and antioxidants so this salad is not only served as a starter dish but can also be taken as a palate purification dish after meals.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 1 hour
Serving Size: 06
Utensils: Standard Salad Serving bowl, Chopping board, Standard Chopping Knife, Salad Serving Spoon.


– Salt-to taste
– Grounded Black Pepper- to taste
– 3 Avocados
– 2 tomatos
– 2 green/red bell peppers
– 1 lime
– 1 onion
– 1 bunch of parsley
– 1 bunch of coriander


  • 1

    Firstly, wash all the vegetables properly and also make sure that the vegetables are fresh and upright.

  • 2

    Take the avocados and peel them and remove the seed from the center. Now chop them in small cubes.

  • 3

    Now take the onions and peel them and chop them finely in small cubes.

  • 4

    After you are done with the avocados and onions, take the tomatoes and properly remove the pulp and seeds from inside and chop them gently into small fine cubes.

  • 5

    Take the bell pepper and remove the seeds from inside and also remove the upper part. Now in order to chop the bell pepper, first chop it in elongated slices and then finally into small fine cubes.

    Now you are ready to mix all the chopped vegetables that are now similar in shape.

  • 6

    Take a large bowl and add and mix all the vegetables together and then sprinkle lime juice, salt and grounded black pepper and mix well.

  • 7

    In the end, garnish chopped coriander and parsley on the top. Your avocado, tomato and pepper salad is ready!

  • 8

    Once the salad is ready leave it for one hour in the refrigerator to let the ingredients get mixed properly.

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