Cheap Chinese Restaurants in New York City

New York City is full of an unbelievable selection of Chinese restaurants. Finding good cheap Chinese restaurants is a great way to truly get a feel for this enormous city. Cheap Chinese restaurants can take you off the beaten tourist path and reward you with great food for little money in a city where a buck doesn’t often go very far. Check out some of these great cheap Chinese restaurants and you can pack in local New York flavor and ambience without spending all of your money.

Fried Dumpling is located at 99 Allen Street, New York, New York, 10002, in the lower East side neighborhood. This cheap Chinese restaurant is teeny tiny just like their prices. Fried Dumpling restaurant has only three tables! Yes, I did say three. As you will see, three tables is nowhere near enough seating to accommodate their large crowd of regulars. If you are in New York City to truly get a feel for what city life is like, than you must visit Fried Dumpling. It may actually cost you more for transportation than for your food! On the menu you will find an item called da bing. Da bing is a form of pancake that has been coated in sesame. The pancakes are first steamed and then fried. They are truly warm, gooey, comforting and most of all filling. Oh, wait, I meant most of all cheap. Fried Dumpling can get really crowded at lunch and dinnertime, so you may want to take your food to go. Order some cheap Chinese to go that can be eaten while you walk around New York City.

Mooncake Foods offers Cheap Asian food in their Chinese inspired diner setting. If you have ever been to a traditional American diner, you will definitely feel like Mooncake Foods is the Chinese equivalent. The d�©cor may be somewhat lacking for you fancy people, but the food is definitely worth it. For the hungry meat-eating crowd I recommend the pork chop sandwich at Mooncake Foods. While I might have expected this menu item at a diner somewhere in the South, it fits right in on this Asian menu. Mooncake Foods takes a regular old pork chop, coats it with one of those undeniably Chinese sweet sauces, adds mango chutney on top, and serves the entire thing on a yummy fresh bread roll. Perfect for a late night snack out after and evening of bar hopping. Mooncake Food is located at 28 Watts Street, New York, New York, 10013, just outside of the Holland Tunnel.

Wo Hop is located at 15 Mott Street, New York, New York, 10013. They offer up cheap Chinese food in a distinctly New York City feeling atmosphere. You can find all the traditional American inspired Chinese dishes served up in mall food courts across the United States. Personally mall food court Chinese is one of my favorite varieties. Cheap prices and large portions make the Chinese food at Wo Hop perfect for sharing. Most of New York City must agree with this absurd love of fried chicken thigh pieces served in sticky sweet sauces, because Wo Hop is thriving, crowded, and a great place to eat cheap Chinese in this bustling city. Wo Hop is also a great reason to visit China Town!

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