The Top Eateries in the Phoenix, Arizona Area

Kokopelli Winery and Bistro is located in the historic downtown Chandler, Arizona district. It is a small restaurant offering wine from its local winery, as well as unusual menu options. No hamburgers or run-of-the-mill food are on its list of menu choices. When visitors come from out of town, I usually take them to Kokopelli’s for an afternoon of noshing. For a modest price, you each get six one-ounce servings of Kokopelli’s wines of your choice and a noshing plate including several cheeses, olives, dried fruit, and chocolate pieces. The cheese is cut in cubes, making it easy to transfer your choices to a smaller plate. Then you relax and enjoy the ambiance and conversation while you indulge yourselves with tasty tidbits. On Sundays, Kokopelli’s in Chandler offers a delicious champagne brunch. You may choose your champagne from a list of their offerings from their own vineyards. The kokopelli is a Native American spirit that brings good fortune and it is really good fortune to dine at the local winery and bistro. You may visit their website at ( They are located at 35 W. Boston Street, Chandler, Arizona, 85225. Their phone number is 480-792-6927. Enjoy this bistro when you are visiting the Phoenix, Arizona area.

The Citrus Cafe in Chandler, Arizona is not always easy to find. It is located in a nondescript strip mall and the outside facade does not do it justice. Inside the small restaurant, there is an intimate dining area, complete with cloth tablecloths and napkins and fine silverware. The ambiance reminds the patron of a European cafÃ?©. Citrus CafÃ?© serves French/Continental food including lamb, salmon, veal and more. There are no printed menus. Your waiter will tell you what offerings are included in the menu for the day. Each one is unusual and prepared and served in an artistic manner. Desserts are shown on a tray for your selection and they are decadent. Waiters are dressed in formal wear and are very attentive. The prices are moderate for the delicious food presented and the excellent service. Their website is ( They are located in Chandler, Arizona between Warner and Elliott Roads, on the west side of Alma School Road in the Alma School Shoppe’s. You may call them at 480-899-0502. This is the type of cafÃ?© you would expect in the downtown area of a large city and here it is right in the neighborhood.

If you visit the Phoenix, Arizona area, you must go to San Tan Flat Saloon and Grill in Queen Creek, Arizona. You will see an old western town with lodge-like buildings set around an open dining area with a close-up view of the beautiful San Tan Mountains. There are picnic tables throughout the dining space outside. There are two bars on the outside of the restaurant. You sit on saddles complete with reins. A small bar inside offers the same seating. The restaurant inside is very small; most folks eat outside. San Tan Flat offers delicious steaks, hamburgers and other menu choices. The prices are reasonable for the food offerings. A stage is set back against one of the walls in the dining area outside where live musicians perform Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. There is a small concrete dance floor in front of the stage and barbecue pits surround it. In the evenings, patrons roast marshmallows over the wood-fired pits. A stage coach is a reminder of the old western days. This is a fun place to bring Arizona visitors. Their website is ( They are located at 6184 W. Hunt Highway, Queen Creek, Arizona, 85242. You can phone them at 480-882-2995. Be sure to stop in when you visit the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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