Simple Summer Dessert Ideas

If you have invited friends and family members to a summer lawn party and are now you are thinking of what to offer them as dessert then do not worry as there is a long list of mouth-watering desserts.

However, the first thought crossing your mind should be if they are easy to make. The answer is ‘Yes’ as you won’t have to spend much time in kitchen while making these desserts. Moreover, many of these desserts can be prepared and refrigerated ahead of time.

Learn how to please the taste buds of your guests with some delicious easy-to-make desserts.


  • 1

    Raspberry Ice:

    The first name comes into mind is raspberry ice as you can make this dessert in no time. All you need to do is to mix mashed raspberries with sugar syrup and refrigerate. Make sure that you serve it ice-cold otherwise it may lose some flavour.

  • 2

    Ice Cream with Honey-Poached Apricots:

    You can make a light yet satisfying dessert by making a combination of vanilla ice cream with apricots. However, dip the slices of apricot in honey syrup before serving.

  • 3

    Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches:

    Another simple summer dessert is a strawberry ice cream sandwich as you can make them well before of time. Take one scoop of ice-cream and place it between two crunchy cookies or biscuits.

  • 4

    Summer Fruit Pie:

    Mash strawberry and peach and cook them in honey. Make a double crust pie by using these fruits as a filler and you are ready to serve this special summer dessert.

  • 5

    Peach Cobbler:

    If you want to serve something warm then peach cobbler is the best option. All you need to do is to bake sliced peaches with batter until they turn brown in colour.

  • 6

    Blueberry Cobbler:

    Another simple and easy to make summer dessert is blueberry cobbler as you can prepare this treat in no time by just baking blueberries with batter.

  • 7

    Peach Crisp:

    Take slices of peach, dip them in sugar syrup and then sprinkle rolled oats and almonds on it. Your crispy yet juicy peach dessert is ready to serve.

  • 8

    Peach and Raspberry Parfait:

    To make this sweet and juicy dessert, take one spoon of ice cream of your favourite flavour and then serve it with a topping of peach and raspberries.

  • 9

    Berry shortcakes:

    Take a packet of biscuits and layer with mixed berries. Then add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you are ready to surprise your guests with a delightful treat.

  • 10

    Strawberries and Syrup:

    Make an orange liqueur and then toss it with strawberries. This will add a tinge of citrus in this simple dessert.

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