How to Lower Your Cholesterol with Diet

High cholesterol problems have become fairly common in recent years. Just a few years back, cholesterol related issues were associated with the elderly, but today even youngsters are found to be suffering from them.

Cholesterol is an important part of our diet and is necessary for bodily functions, but only up to a certain level. Anything beyond a normal and healthy level is bad and can cause a number of problems with cardiovascular issues being on top of the list.

With a controlled and well planned diet, people suffering from high cholesterol can lower it to safe and healthy levels.


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    Reduce Processed Food

    There is obviously no denial in the fact that processed food is one of the worst things a person can eat. Due to the high content of oil, fat and other processed ingredients, there are no real nutrients and this is a major reason why cholesterol levels have risen in people of all ages in the last couple of years. Reducing and trying to eliminate your intake of processed food available in the market will work wonders for your cholesterol level.

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    Drugs and Alcohol

    This is a no brainer for every reasonable individual out there. Drugs and alcohol may not directly contribute to your cholesterol level, but they do not have any benefit for the body either. On the contrary, these substances are actually very harmful and lead to other severe problems.

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    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Fresh fruit and vegetables are vital for a healthy diet and physical fitness. Including these blessings of nature in your daily consumption will give amazing results within days and replenish your body with essential nutrients and vitamins.

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    Fiber and Omega-3

    Nature often provides solutions to our problems, and when it comes to cholesterol, research has proven that intake of fiber and omega-3 considerably lowers cholesterol levels in the human body.

    Some research has even gone to the extent of proving that just 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber a day can reduce bad cholesterol by 3 to 5 percent. Omega-3 is also vital for a healthy body and can be found in high concentrations in fresh fish and special capsules.

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