Top 10 Cooking Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Cooking can be relaxing but is any but that on Thanksgiving. Stay sane with a quick list to keep you and your family safe this year. Here is the top 10 cooking safety tips for Thanksgiving.

10. Metal and Non-Stick Don’t Mix

Never use metal spatulas or other metal objects while cooking with non-stick cookware. The metal is so hard that it scratches the surface and puts the toxic material directly into your Thanksgiving dinner without anyone ever knowing.

9. Check Alarms and Extinguishers

It is always important that smoke alarms and fire extinguisher work correctly. That is why on the day when the entire family shows up it is a great idea to check these things before you need them.

8. Use an Oven Bag

This year, to save on opening and closing the oven, which tends to lead to burns, cook your turkey without a turkey baster. Using an oven bag keeps your turkey moist and also allows for chefs to cook the turkey upside down. This allows the juices to flow into the white meat to prevent over drying the delicate part of the bird.

7. Always Use Sharp Knives

The sharper a knife is, the safer it is. This is because having a sharp knife gives the chef more control over the blade. Having a sharp knife that cuts what it is suppose to will avoid straining, which can lead to slipping and self inflicted wounds.

6. Quickly Refrigerate Leftovers

Once everyone has had a first serving, it is time to start putting away the leftovers. Those interested in seconds can use the microwave or eat what is still out. This avoids common food borne illness caused from botulism and salmonella poisoning.

5. Avoid Using Technology

If you are cooking for Thanksgiving, remember that it is not safe to text and drive, and it is also not safe to text and cook massive meals. Give your cell phone and other electronic devices to someone else to manage while you and your staff are working in the kitchen.

4. Stay Organized

With all of the mayhem, this tips comes in at number 4. To avoid clutter you have to make sure all of the dishes and cookware are being rotated properly. It helps to set up stations if possible, like the left sink for dirty dishes or the large counter-top for h’orderves.

3. In-Kitchen Staff Only

While cooking, there is no need for the children to be running back and forth. Set the rules on who can and cannot be in the kitchen while cooking is taking place and stay firm.

2. Do NOT Feed the Pets Leftovers

Any other day might be okay, but never feed pets leftovers on Thanksgiving. This will lead to them looking for the most dangerous leftovers, which are poultry bones. These bones are hollow and can become spine-like which will embed into the animal and can possible kill it.

1. NEVER Deep Fry a Frozen Turkey

Since the introduction of very large home based deep fryers, Thanksgiving has become explosive. That is because people have been dropping frozen turkeys into them. This leads to a violent reaction where the oil splashes out of the container onto the heating elements and ignites into a ball of flames. It is okay to deep fry your turkey if you so desire but it has to be completely thawed and introduced extremely gently to the hot fryer oil.

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