Junk Brothers: The Recycle Guys

The Junk Brothers, HGTV television show, take items that people are throwing away. They take the items that they find and refurbish them into a totally different item.

Steve and Jim Kelley comprise the hosts of the Junk Brothers. Each of the brothers chooses one item each to refurbish each show. The items that the Junk Brothers have found at the curb sides have included a kitchen stove, a rowing machine, an old trunk, and dining room chairs.

The kitchen stove was torn apart and gutted. Upon the finish of the refurbishing of the stove, it was transformed into an outdoor barbeque grill on wheels. The outer finish of the refurbished stove was black with yellow flames accompanied by two red extensions with two burners each.

The rowing machine that was refurbished became a chair with arms and a moving ottoman. The tore the rowing machine apart and had the two rowing arms plated. They built the chair out of plywood. They then padded and covered the chair with red and geometric shaped material. The chair was reattached at the opposite end of the rowing machine. The rowing arms were reversed with two red fabric arms attached to the chair and the rowing arms. The rowing seat was recovered in the same material.

The old trunk was updated to a shelving unit. The shelves were attached to the inside base of the trunk bottom and hooks attached to the lid of the trunk. They added an extension that had a clock and phone attached to the extension. The shelves and the attachment were stained to match the trunk.

The six dining room chairs had the cushions taken off to start the project. Steve and Jim attached three of the chairs together side-by -side to form the ends and part of the base of a daybed. They created the back and rest of the bottom base for the daybed from plywood. Steve and Jim add a cushing to the back of the daybed. They cover the back of the daybed in red fabric and embellish with buttons pulled through the back of the daybed. They also create the sleeping section in the same manner. A brace is added for extra support.

Once each of their refurbished pieces of furniture is finished, Steve and Jim return the furniture to the original owners. The brother that chose the project to make takes a picture of the finished piece of furniture onsite while the other knocks on the door. The Junk Brothers race back to their truck, move up the street to view the reactions of the owners. They have been busted by the owners of the furniture as well at least once.

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