Just Friends: A Comedy for All Those Who Have Been There, and All Those Who Never Knew They Were

Ryan Reynold’s new comedy Just Friends hits not only a comical chord with viewers, but a note that rings ever so true!

The film starts out with an introduction to our main character. These are highly comical scenes, and rather endearing, whether or not they were meant to be so. They tend to play off high school stereotypes but who is really complaining? The point is made, and we’re made to feel for the main character who ends up being tormented, teased, and ultimately romantically rejected by his best friend.

However, your feelings of sadness soon fade away with the reemergence of main character. He’s new, he’s changed, and he’s rich; every high school nerd’s dream. Not only that, but he’s living up the good life and enjoying it. However, on a mishap that leads him back to his hometown he comes across his former best friend, and the love of his life. Its up to him now to either get revenge, or win her over once and for all.

Of course this wouldn’t be a comedy if revenge wasn’t the first motive, and thus we are barreled into a series of dating blunders, chaos and horrors. Such that, at some point we question the reality of it as Reynold’s character tries to rid himself of the rock diva wanna-be obsessing over him, and decides to finally be himself to win over his love.
All the same, the film delivers a high dose of comedy that forgives all the unreality of it.

Overall the film is sure to deliver a load of laughs and a good time. A movie for one of those, “I don’t want to think” sort of days.

And yes boys�the friend zone does exist.

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