Keep Couch Cushions from Slipping

Couches with removable cushions are generally quite comfortable, but if the cushions constantly require readjusting, it gets very annoying. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if cushions will stay in place before purchasing a couch, but after sitting and standing a few times, if cushions are going to begin creeping that’s when they usually start – after the purchase.

Couches with cushions that slip forward are generally the style with puffy backs. The backs of the cushions are supposed to fit beneath the distended back of the couch, and they fit quite nicely – until someone slouches. That’s when they slip forward and require readjusting.

If you’ve purchased a couch with cushions that slide forward every time you stand up don’t despair. If you’re frustrated, there are effective ways to keep the cushions from slipping. The following ideas will help ease your frustrations and keep your couch cushions from slipping every time you sit down. Before getting rid of your couch, try these remedies. Find a solution that works for you and you’ll rarely have to adjust your couch.

Rubber Shelf Liner

Rubber shelf liner is sold in the household section of most discount stores, and it’s great material for stopping couch cushions from slipping forward. Although it won’t be seen, it comes in a wide variety of colors, and the price is fairly affordable.

To add resistance to the base of your couch and keep slipping to a minimum, place a length of rubber shelf liner beneath the cushions. If necessary, secure the edges with fabric tape. They shouldn’t slip as easily with the rubber backing in place.

Egg Crate Foam Rubber

Thin foam rubber is also an effective material for keeping couch cushions in place. Egg crate foam rubber marketed as mattress pad material is perfect for the job, and it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive selection either. A matter of fact, cheaper egg crate foam rubber mattress pads are the best choice since cheaper mattress pads are generally thinner and better suited for the job.

A twin size egg crate foam mattress pad is large enough to use beneath the cushions of two couches or a couch and a loveseat. Simply trim the mattress pad to the proper size, and place it beneath the cushions. The foam rubber may show at first, but after sitting on the couch for a while the foam rubber will become gradually become flatter and less and less visible over time.

Velcro Strips

If slipping is a constant problem, Velcro strips are also an effective way to keep slipping at a minimum. Many couches come equipped with Velcro strips to prevent slipping, but you can easily add Velcro strips yourself.

You’ll need a roll of sticky sided Velcro that’s at least 1-½ inches wide, and you’ll require at least six inches beneath each cushion for a secure hold. Cut the strips to the proper size, peel away the backing, and position them beneath the cushions and the base of the couch. Although they may slip from time to time, this should help keep them from slipping when properly aligned.

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