Keep Out Mold in the Laundry Room with These Tips

When it comes time to do laundry the last thing that you want to find is that mold has begun developing in your laundry basket, washer or dryer. There are some practices that you can do to help prevent mold from developing because of your laundry.

Do Not Let Washed Clothes Stay In the Washer or Dryer for Long Periods
Make sure that you get clothes dried the same day that you washed them. The sooner that they end up in the dryer the better. Now if you have moved your washed laundry from the washer to the dryer but are unable to start it right away, for whatever reason, if you know that you won’t be able to dry your laundry in the dryer within that day you should hang dry it.

Properly Dry Heavy Blankets and Clothes in the Dryer
If you have washed heavy clothes or blankets make sure that they get properly dried in the dryer. Some times one cycle is not enough to get them properly dried, and if you don’t plan to fold them as soon as the dryer is done, at least check it to make sure that everything got dried.

Hang Dry Clothes in Rooms That Are Warm but Not Hot
If you need to hang dry some of you delicate clothes, or you choose to hang dry all of your clothes, make sure that if you do it in your home not to do it in a room that is hot, but warm enough that the clothes will get dry. Mold can grow on the wet clothes if the room is hot.

Wash You Diapers Weekly
How often you need to wash cloth diapers is determined by the number of children you have in them and the number cloth diapers that you have, but no matter if you only have one child in them that is only soiling 7 a day and you have more than 50 cloth diapers you should not let your soiled diapers sit in a pail, wet or dry, more than 7 days to help prevent mold from developing.

Make Sure Clothes Are Dry Before You Put Them In the Hamper
If you are going to be putting any clothes that are wet, such as a swimsuit, or a towel in your hamper make sure that you let it dry out before throwing it in with the other dirty laundry.

With Steamy Loads Mind Condensation
For the loads of laundry that you wash in hot water make sure that you wipe up the condensation that the steam from the hot water creates.

If You Smell Mold Don’t Dry Your Clothes
In the event that you have gone to your washer and discovered that you accidentally left wet clothes in it and there is a scent of mold, don’t dry the clothes. Wash them again until the smell is absent.

By doing these things you will help prevent mold from developing because of your wet laundry.

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