Kid One Transport in Alabama

Kid One Transport is a program that helps the children of Alabama. Kid One Transport helps children by providing transportation to medical checkups, mental and emotional health service appointments, dental appointments, specialized care such as radiation and dialysis. They also take expectant mothers to doctor’s appointments.

Kid One Transport has been helping the kids of Alabama for nine years. Kid One Transport is a non-profit transportation provider. Kid One Transport is the only non-profit transportation provider in the United States. They currently serve 32 Alabama counties. However Kid One has a goal to serve all the counties in Alabama and eventually have programs like this nationwide to help all children.

In Alabama and in many other places transportation is a big problem. If there is no transportation children miss very important appointments. This puts their health at risk. Expectant Mothers also miss very important doctor appointments because of lack of transportation. This puts the baby and the mother at risk. Kid One is an asset to seeing children and expectant mothers get the transportation they need, to get to these appointments.

Recently The Soul Patrol, fans of American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks, guided by members of http://www.theofficialsoulpatrol decided to take Kid One Transport to heart and help this great organization. This site in itself has over 26,000 members. They came up with a project called “It’s a Soul Thing”, to raise money for Kid One Transport. So far $4,906 has been raised for Kid One Transport. The Soul Patrol voted like crazy to make Taylor Hicks, The new American Idol and with that kind of devotion put into Kid One Transport there is no doubt that Kid One Transport will end up with a huge donation on the behalf of The Soul Patrol and Taylor Hicks.

If The Soul Patrol is able to raise at least $75,000 through “It’s A Soul Thing” project,
Kid One Transport will place the Soul Patrol logo on one of their vehicles for one year.
It would be a tremendous help to Kid One Transport and a great tribute to the devotion of Taylor Hicks fans. This goal isn’t that hard to accomplish. If just those 26,000 members of TOSP donated $3 each that would be $78,000. So just imagine what can happen if everyone reaches into the depths of their heart and soul and donates to help these kids.

All one needs to do to realize the extreme help Kid One Transport gives to these kids is to go to the site and read some of the stories of the kids being transported, too much needed appointments. These kids stories range from; a little boy who pulled a pan of boiling water off a stove onto himself suffering severe burns, to a little girl who has cancer in her throat and mouth and a story that had me in tears of a little girl raped at the age of 8 and she needed transportation to counseling.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own little world around us and we don’t realize that we may be needed to do something for someone. Well if you are reading this then you can’t say you didn’t know. Kid One Transport needs us. More importantly the children of Kid One Transport need us. Let’s show them humanity cares. Even $1 adds up. I am sure all of us can spare $1.
Go to to learn more about Kid One Transport. Visit to donate through “It’s a Soul Thing” Taylor Hicks told the judges at American Idol he was there because he wanted his voice heard.
Now is the chance for his fans and everyone else to let their voices be heard loud and clear. Let’s help Kid One Transport continue the great job they do.

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