KidKraft Interactive Dollhouse: Gift Buying Guide

KidKraft has designed a wonderful toy for your little girl. The KidKraft interactive dollhouse is a beautiful set up with three levels and an attic space. This toy is not one that you will be able to just fold up and take to Grandma’s house for the weekend. This is very heavy, weighing over 30 pounds. This doll house is designed for playtime with your little girl’s barbie dolls.

With rooms such as a bathroom and kitchen on the bottom level, a living room and stairs on the second, and a bedroom and a balcony on the third floor, and above, a usable attic space for storing extra doll furniture or smaller items. This toy is tall, standing at 38 inches tall, your child can play with this set on all three levels. This dollhouse features extra wide windows so that the child can look in and see the inside of the dollhouse and furniture. This dollhouse comes with two chandeliers that light up, 14 colorful pieces of furniture that include a table, two chairs, dining room cabinet, a toilet, bath tub, bed, vanity with seat, piano and bench, living room chair, end table and lamp. The piano makes piano sounds, the oven makes cooking sounds, and the chandeliers light up. A working elevator is on the one side with a crank handle that your little girl can use to raise and lower the elevator.

The size of this dollhouse make it easy to play with more than one girl. The dolls are not included, but you can provide your own dolls that your child has already or purchase new dolls to go with this dollhouse.

This dollhouse has a sturdy construction of wood and assembly is required. The size of this item requires that it can not be shipped to a post office box or outside of the 48 States. Shopping on line for this item is a plus, as you won’t have to lift and carry this heavy item your self and the size of the item makes it easier than having to drag it in and out of the cart and your car.

Shopping on line for this item at, you will find that this item is listed for girls ages 3 to 8, and many reviews claim that older girls are enjoying this also. This item sells for $159.99 at, and shipping rates apply with this item, and you will want to read the restrictions on the shipping. Gift wrapping is not available for this item unfortunately. This item can be shipped within three to five days from its warehouse. This item can be bought on line only, it is not available in the stores.

At, you can find this same dollhouse selling for $159.00. This item is available on line and you would have to check for store availability. But as always, you can have this item shipped site to store for free, so that you may pick it up at a store of your choice. This item is not available for gift wrapping at

Shopping at, you will find that this item is available for a little less, but is not available from directly. The cost of this item starts at $109.79. Standard shipping charges and restrictions apply for this item due to the size of the package. Gift wrapping is not available for this item. Please check the site for details on sellers and shipping charges.

Over all, if you are looking for a big dollar item for your little girl’s dream house, this item seems to be sturdy and durable. This would make a wonderful gift for your little girls to share.


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