Ten Important Fall Home Repairs

As Fall approaches, the dreams and fantasies of most people turns to crisp Autumn days punctuated with colorful falling leaves and football. The realization that mowing grass and pulling weeds is finished is usually cause for celebration. however the real work is only just beginning. Fall, if properly viewed from the instance of a homeowner, is a season of work designed to protect ones most valuable possession. All the projects once ignored for more pressing time demands such as Golf, Fishing, Swimming and enjoyment have reared their heads, demanding to be addressed – or else. An hour of Home Maintenance in Fall can prevent the expense of thousands of dollars down line, as minor issues may become major damages, requiring professional help. Alright, so You’re not Bob Villa, Mr. Goodwrench or the Tool man, it does not let you off the hook. Consider it as every time you pay a professional trades person for a repair, there goes a new set of Golf Clubs, Fishing Rods, or season tickets to your favorite team. Feeling motivated? I thought so… Here are ten Fall Home Repairs chosen for importance, easy of completion, and cost prevention:

1) Gutters – Clean and check that gutters are firmly attached to the building. A heavy snow or ice storm may pull them away from a house, causing a major repair later.

2) Roofs and Vents – Make certain there are no roof leaks. Check flashing around vents and chimneys, and clean vents in Fall.

3) Outside Drains – Ensure all outside drains are open and free flowing. Clogged drains cause ice expansion and can damage walks and even foundations in severe cases. A rented electric snake is good for this, and has other applications as well – a good expenditure.

4) Screens – Exchange Summer screens into storm doors and windows before it gets too cold. This will provide a significant savings in heating costs as well as raise the comfort level inside your home.

5) Lawn and Garden – Fall is the best time to reseed and fertilize a lawn. If feeling really energetic, Fall is a good time to get a jump on next Spring’s vegetable garden. Tilling the garden soil and applying compost is a great way to make certain for a good crop next year.

6) Trees and Shrubs – A Winter Storm with strong winds can push limbs against homes and garages as well as damage roofs. Trimming anything close to structures or overhanging them can save a mess later. Many times this can be completed without the aid of dangerous power saws, if the limbs are small enough. Be extra careful around power lines and other cables. If in doubt of being injured, call a professional, trimming a tree is not worth dying over to save a few dollars.

7) Chimney – Fall is the time to check Chimney components, seals and flues. A thorough chimney cleaning can prevent a fire, and not only save your home but your life as well. Make certain you address this.

8) Exterior Painting – The best time of the year for exterior painting. Heat is lessened, insects are dying and the paint adheres better. It also seals any moisture problems in a wood exterior home. Take care that the temperature is above 60 degrees, and don’t apply paint close to sundown as it may not dry properly.

9) Furnace – Change the furnace filter and give the furnace a wipe down. A good time for an annual check by a professional. The ducts can be cleaned by a homeowner with little more than a shop vacuum and a long hose.

10) Emergency Preparedness – Prepare for power outages, blizzards, utility problems etc. Show the members of the household where shut off valves are for gas and water, familiarize them with operation of furnaces and hot water tanks. Go over fire safety, make sure you have a working fire extinguisher and a first aid kit stocked.

All of the aforementioned projects can be completed in a few weekends, and without much skill or cost. Your investment is protected as well as your family, the spouse is pleased – life is good.

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