Kids Halloween Costumes That are Easy to Make

Are you ready for Halloween? It will be here before very soon! If you have kids then you know how important it is to find great Halloween costumes.

You can also make a Halloween costume using items that your child probably already has, and then adding some additional items. This will give your child a unique looking costume and also save you some money – which you can always spend on more Halloween treats for your little ones!

Here are some costume ideas to get you started:


For this costume your boy or girl will need jeans and a casual t-shirt. It is ideal if they have a western style shirt to wear. Consider adding a cheerful red bandana, or even a pink bandana for girls. A cowboy hat and toy guns (or squirt guns) can be found at most toy stores.


This costume is great because your child will need dark colored pants and a light colored shirt. Tie a scarf around the top of their head – use a large scarf. Draw a mustache on them using an eyebrow pencil. Purchase an eye patch at a costume store and maybe a fake sword.


For this costume your child will need a souvenir t-shirt from any destination and a camera to hang around their neck. It is great if you can add a map of the destination to their costume, you can probably get a free map by calling the Chamber of Commerce in the location of the destination your child is pretending to be a tourist.


This costume is fairly easy. Your child will need a pair of jeans, preferably that flare out at the bottoms. Also a large t-shirt that you can draw a peace sign on using a permanent marker. Use makeup pencils to draw flowers on your child’s face or use body glitter to add a little magical touch.


For this costume your child will need dark colored clothing, skirt or pants. Purchase a witch hat from a costume store. Consider giving your child a broom to carry while trick or treating.

Harry Potter

To be Harry Potter a child can wear casual clothing, just as Harry does to Hogwarts school. Purchase a pair of costume glasses that are black rimmed and round. Draw a “z” on your child’s forehead in a red makeup pencil.

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