Kids and Saturday in Henry County, Georgia

It’s Saturday! Morning cartoons are over and the kids are hitting you with “I’m bored,” and “there’s nothing to do.” After you have tried redirecting them with, “read a book,” “play some games,” and “draw some pictures,” you might want to consider one of these options.

If you haven’t had lunch, pack the kids in the car and head to C’C’s Pizza located in the Henry Towne Center on Jonesboro Road (West of I-75 off Exit 221), in the building behind the bank at the BJ’s end or in the Kroger Shopping Center on 138 in Stockbridge. They have a great all you can eat pizza buffet (seems especially designed for kids) that should keep them busy and quiet for a minute or two and won’t empty your wallet. If Pizza doesn’t cut it with your horde, there are two McDonald’s with indoor play facilities, one on Jonesboro Road off I-75 exit 221 and one on 20/81 off exit 218. The Burger King on 20/81 has an outdoor playground. In Stockbridge the McDonald’s can be found on 138 in front of the Golden Corral.

If they already sucked up the macaroni and cheese, you can take them to the Fun Bowl Center for some bowling or Fun Town for go-karts, miniature golf, lazer tag, arcade games and the kid popular climbing wall. Both The Fun Bowl and Fun Town are located at 300 Highway 155 South. It isn’t a bad idea to give them a call at 770-898-4272 to see just how busy they are or reserve a lane in advance for bowling. They have a number of leagues that meet at various times.

If the Fun Bowl or Fun Town doesn’t suit, is busy or lack of funds is a consideration, grab a ball, kite, butterfly net or just a big blanket and head to one of Henry County’s parks located all across the county. Parks have different operating hours and there are often activities going on such as ball games, tennis matches or events. You can get more information on these and other parks (and the events scheduled) in Henry County by using the Park Maps and the Henry County Parks URLs in additional resources.

Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall makes little difference if your offspring like ice cream. Head on over to the Marble Slab Creamery (770-320-9600) located in the Towne Center Village Shopping Center at 2011 Jonesboro Road. With their custom ice cream flavors (the Birthday Cake flavor is popular with my grandkids) and about 30 fixins add ins, your kids can be creative in concocting their own unique flavor combination. Sit inside at the tables, outside on the park benches or take it to go and opt for a drive through the fast vanishing countryside, which can still be found on roads like Chambers (cows), Mills (llamas), New Morn (horses) and Rocky Creek (more horses, occasionally geese). (Grab extra napkins on your way out.) Next time you are out on the Internet-hey you’re there right now-visit the Marble Slab Creamery website and sign up your under twelver for the Slabby Kids Club. They’ll get a coupon for a free kids cone with fixins each year on their birthday until they turn twelve. (See Slabby Kids Club URL in additional resources.)

Are your kids into crafts? Take them on a shopping trip to Michael’s in the Henry Towne Center on Jonesboro Road next door to Pet Smart. They have supplies and kits for a wide range of hobbies and crafts. They also offer kid (and adult) craft classes, so you might want to check with them for specific times and days (678-583-6361) or check the website. (See Michael’s URL in additional resources.) A word of caution-stay out of Pet Smart unless you want a pet or you want to hear whining and I don’t mean from the puppies. The School Box (770-898-2012), also at that end of the Henry Towne Center, on the Target side, could offer some interesting and educational opportunities.

The newest addition to the Henry County entertainment line-up could provide you with almost two hours of piece and quiet. The Great Escapes sixteen theater complex located at 115 Fosters Drive, first left East of Exit 221 off Jonesboro Road, stands bright shiny and waiting to tempt you with a wide assortment of viewing options. They have stadium seating, high back rockers and free refills on large size concessions. It would be difficult not to find at least one move you and your kids could enjoy. Better yet, if you need quiet time and your younglings are old enough, drop them off, then head up the street to the Henry Towne Center for a bit of shopping or a glass of wine. (Make that a single. You do have to go back and get them.) Ticket prices are: Adult $8.50, Senior $6.25, Child $5.25. You can call for movies and times at 770-954-3332.

Best of luck with your next Saturday kid challenge in Henry County, Georgia.

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