LG TROMM Steam Washers a Technical Wonder

Lg tromm steam washers is not only a washing machine, it is a very powerful washing machine, a perfect present for your very own domestic goddess.

Recently I visited the US appliance company web site on a research mission to learn about LG’s brand new steam washers. I was amazed to learn these are not your everyday washing machines. These steam washers will super clean your clothing in a professional manner. They are a powerhouse of technology for the laundry room.

The washer I looked the LG 4.0 cubic foot Tromm Steam Washer at has a huge 4.0 cubic feet Capacity Stainless Steel Drum that is treated with NeveRust�. That is more then enough for a single load, so stuff this one and you will still get complete satisfaction.

There is a direct drive motor for the ultimate in strength and dependability. This is a great feature. It also has a tilt tub so the owner can easily reach the items way in the back of the drum. If you have ever had to stretch in to other machines, you will very much appreciate this feature. There is also a whopping 1320-rpm powerful spinning motion for even greater water removal.

Another great feature included in the Tromm Steam washer is the steam washer system for better over all performance and a very high water and energy efficiency. Therefore, this washer will save energy and money and that is a plus to everyone. We all need to save money where we can and saving on our nation’s energy supply is always a great thing to do.

There is a sense clean feature, which will sense when the fabric is clean and will act accordingly and of course, the steam fresh cycle is there. This entire washer is a domestic engineers dream. It does everything but fold the clothes.

This Lg tromm steam washing machine is not for the faint of heart it is a powerful clothes washing machine with nine washing programs, 5 temperature levels and there is a setting where you can delay the wash process for up to nineteen hours. This would be perfect for those of us who hate to have laundry sitting in a washing machine all day when we work. Imagine setting this for half an hour before you are to return home after a hard days work and find it just spinning out and ready for removal.

You would think since this Lg tromm steam washing machine is so powerful that it would loud but it runs very quietly and the warranty on this Tromm Steam washing machine is outstanding. The standard warranty includes; year on parts and labor, 7 years on the motor and life time on the drum, and 2 years on the control board.

This truly is a technological advance for the domestic goddess in your life. It is expensive starting at 1,599.00 but it would be worth the cost.

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