LG WM2016CW Washing Machine: Popular, a Budget-Friendly Product

The LG line of washers is enjoying a great deal of success with consumers today. They produce a number of washers with a wide range of both features and prices. The LG WM2016CW washing machine falls into the middle range when it comes to both of these categories. I have had the opportunity to use one for some time now, and I’m going to let you how it has performed for me.

Styling: 3/5

Performance: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

Product Overview:

While the WM2016CW is one of the more popular front loading models it isn’t going to win any beauty contests. The model I have is white with all of the controls at the top. Believe me; I don’t know who really needs a stylish washer. With the market inundated with multiple color options and fancy controls, it is hard to give this LG any points in the style category.

The WM2016CW does do a nice job cleaning, effectively getting out some pretty tough stains. There are also a number of spin cycle settings depending on your need for that particular load. The washing settings start with delicate and move on to more intense settings like permanent press for jeans and towels or any other heavy duty load. This washer doesn’t have all of the advertised features that you’ll find available in some of LG’s more expensive washers though.

I have noticed that it is fairly energy efficient for a large machine. And when I say large I mean that this washer is a behemoth. It is very heavy (a little less than 200 pounds) which may be of some concern depending on the placement, so keep this in mind before you purchase. This washer is also rather noisy. Depending on the size of the load and what you’re washing it makes a considerable racket. Unfortunately it is also seems to run a little longer then your average washer too.

Product Value:

While it is hard to knock a washer that is priced as competitively as this one, it is hard to justify recommending this machine over some of the other LG models. In my opinion for about $100 more you can get a washer that has more features, is quieter, looks better, and does a better job of washing in the LG WM2233HD. If money is a large factor and you aren’t interested looks or a lot of fancy features than the LG WM2016CW will probably work for you.

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