What Are the Orange Spots on My Bathroom Ceiling and Walls?

If you look up one day and find strange orange or reddish brown spots on your bathroom ceiling and walls, do not panic. Your walls are not bleeding, and your house is not likely haunted by a ghost with a sense of humor. Surprisingly, it is a regular occurrence in homes that have one thing in common. Read on to find out what probably caused the mysterious stains. If the paint is satin or gloss, the marks will likely come off, and they can be prevented.

Do You Have Well Water?

More often than not, when orange or reddish brown spots form on ceilings and walls, the resident has well water with a high iron content. When taking hot showers and baths, the humidity rises as tiny iron-rich moisture particles end up in the air. They settle on bathroom surfaces, especially certain areas along ceilings and walls. If the moisture is not wiped away, the spots and marks will build up with every shower or bath. They eventually become visible to the naked eye, and the surfaces appear to ooze a mysterious liquid. If you have well water, take a couple of steps to prevent the problem.

Keep the Bathroom Warm

To prevent orange or reddish brown spots and marks from appearing again, keep the bathroom warm while bathing or showering. When hot water mixes with cool air, moisture particles end up on everything from the mirror to the walls. If you have a built-in bathroom heater, be sure to warm the air in the room before ever turning on the hot water. Otherwise, crank up the temperature throughout the house. Not only will you prevent orange spots on the ceiling and walls, but you will also feel a lot more comfortable after stepping out of the bathtub or shower.

Always Use an Exhaust Fan While Bathing or Showering

Another way to prevent orange or reddish brown spots from forming on walls and ceilings is with an exhaust fan. If you have one, be sure to always turn it on before showering or bathing. If the ugly marks are on the grates of the fan as well as the ceiling and walls, it is not powerful enough to do a good job. Foggy mirrors is also an indication of a faulty exhaust fan. Invest in a more powerful model. More than likely you will never again have to wipe away orange or reddish brown spots in the bathroom, at least not on the ceiling and walls.

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