Rain Chains: A Different Type of House Gutter

Over the last year or so my boyfriend and I have not only been saving money for our own home, but we have also been shopping for the new home accessories. Dinner plates, utensils, chairs, etc.

When I came across the coolest downspout replacements ever I dove right in a took a look around at my options. Rain Chains, the neatest kick butt house downspout I had ever seen. However choosing a style is the hardest part, there’s so many to choose from, it actually hurts my head.

What is a rain chain?

Well for those who don’t know what a downspout is, let me make this visual for yah. You know that ugly thing that hangs from the side of your house off of your gutter? Well thats a downspout. However the rain chain replaces this ugly metal hunk of junk with style, grace, and elegance. Not only that, all the neighbors will wonder where the hell you got it.

Rain chains originated in Japan and have been around for centuries, but of course with due timing, America too has jumped onto the rain chain bandwagon. Can you blame us? They’re gorgeous!


I have seen tons of different ran chains. Hanging baskets, lilies, bells, stars, flowers, leaves and many more.

For a look at the different types of rain chain styles visit www.guttersupply.com.


Not only do they add charm to a home, but supposedly the tranquil noises the rain chain makes as it collects water is supposed to put your mind at ease. Now I don’t know who would want to sit in the rain to listen to their rain chains tranquil noises…but I mean if you wanted to, I guess you could.


Rain Chains vary in price, but usually I see them in the $30-$400 category. Lower prices are usually based on extensions to regular 8-8.5 foot chains. Although the price is a bit high, just imagine how nice they would look on your home, it’s like a bleepin earring for your house man!

Where else can you find rain chains?

Prices will not decline much even if you look around on other internet sites. One site sells each individual rain chain cup for $25.00 each. For info and pictures on these rain chains visit www.rainchains.com.

The best price I was able to find them for though was www.rainchainsdirect.com. Here you can pick up a rain chain for under $100.00.

At www.onlinediscountmart.com they are selling a very unique watering can rain chain. Visit the site for photos and pricing.

Visit www.harvesth2o.com to read about how you can use your rain chain to collect rain water to use it in gardens. They have a step by step guide that also gives tips on how to install the rain chain as well.

They also sell unique rain chains at Yankee Candle malls.

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