L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation Review

I used to use Clean & Clear liquid foundation. I used it for probably close to 4 years, and quite honestly I only bought it because it was cheaper than a lot of the other kinds of liquid foundations on the market.

Now I’m not saying anything bad about Clean & Clear because I do think it is a great brand, it smoothes on your skin effortlessly and doesn’t contain oils that make your skin dry or break out, but it wasn’t quite good enough for me these past 6 months, so I decided to try L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. And Instantly I noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. Not only did it go on flawlessly, but after finishing with the Clean & Clear translucent powder my skin looked as beautiful and fragile as porcelain. In fact, after using L’Oreal True Match Foundation for a couple weeks and really understanding and mastering the technique of applying the luxurious liquid I had gotten my first compliment, a woman told me that my skin was beautiful and how she’d die for a complexion like mine.

After that first compliment I was completely hooked on L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation, But running in at just under $10.00 per 1oz. bottle I decided to stick with my good ole trusty Clean & Clear Translucent Powder (only costing about $4.00 instead of spending extra on L’Oreal’s brand) to top off my porcelain look.

I’ve gotten so many other compliments from mostly woman, asking me what make-up I use and where to get it, I’m like a walking, talking billboard for L’Oreal’s True Match foundation, if anyone asks me where they can get it, how much it costs, or any other question about this amazing Foundation, I’m always happy and willing to tell everyone my secret for an amazing, beautifully flawless face.

I usually buy this wonder make-up at Wal-Mart, as they normally have the lowest prices. But just recently Fred Meyer’s just had a sale on L’Oreal products and I got it there for only $8.00, so I saved maybe a dollar, but hey, whatever works.
Almost anywhere else that carries L’Oreal products would have this great foundation supplied.

Here is a list of some retailers near you and web sites that provide the L’Oreal brand.

Fred Meyer’s

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