Laptop Computers for Training Programs

For businesses and nonprofit organizations to get ahead in an increasingly crowded marketplace, they need to have personnel that are trained in web-based marketing and organizational solutions. As well, they need to ensure the quality of training within their personnel so as to maximize their time and finances. However, it is difficult for small businesses and organizations to gain access to training hardware and software, especially projectors and laptops which can be expensive to purchase. One of the best providers of rented laptops and projectors on the market today is, which has been in business since 1998. provides great pricing on daily, weekly, and monthly rentals of fully-equipped laptops for personnel training. Service is provided throughout the United States and renters have the option of choosing an IBM or Dell laptop. The difference among the three available laptop types, the Dell Latitude C600, the IBM ThinkPad 600x, and the IBM ThinkPad T22, is their processing speed, which ranges between 450 MHz and 900 MHz. However, the price difference among the three is incredibly reasonable, with the Dell laptop coming in at $49 per day and the IBM laptops ranging from $59 to $69 per day depending on which laptop the customer uses. As well, customers get discounted rates if the laptops are rented by week or by month. An additional $5 per day fee will allow the rental of an Ethernet card, which allows for wireless internet access. For these prices, companies who are limited in their presentation capabilities can offer a great training session for a low price.

Laptops are not the only pieces of presentation equipment rents out to offices and non profits. They provide a great selection of projectors that can facilitate training programs of various sizes and complexities. The basic projector, the InFocus LP425, is ideal for groups of up to 50 and costs only $99 per day, which makes it a reasonable investment for smaller businesses. Other projectors, like the InFocus LP350 and the Epson Powerlite 7900P, offer a remote control, the capability to facilitate training programs of any size, provide a brighter projection, and cost only between $299 and $399 per day. The main difference among the six different projectors offered by Rentquick is that they provide different brightness levels, or lumen, depending on the projector type rented. For companies that only need a projector for a few days per year, renting a projector through Rentquick seems to be the best option, because purchasing a projector may not be the most cost efficient training option. not only has some of the lowest rental prices in the hardware rental industry, but also offers great service to their customers. Computers rented through allow for closed network or internet access and all software is pre-installed. All orders are completely tracked by Rentquick personnel, to put the consumer’s mind at ease about lost shipments. As well, 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support provides great coverage in case of routine technical problems or any questions that customers may have about their rented laptop. Rentquick’s greatest success, however, is in its ability to fill a market niche that is seriously lacking in competition. There are not many companies that offer the same level of service or same technological options as Rentquick. Business professionals and those who travel often should look to Rentquick for their laptop and projector needs.

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