How to Sell Your Jewelry to Retail Stores

Beautiful jewellery is a source of pride for every woman. Jewellery, nowadays, is much in demand for both women and men whether it be an elegant bracelet with precious stones on a hand of beautiful lady or a luxurious gold chain around the neck of a charming man.

So many people choose jewellery business above all existing trends in entrepreneurship. But in order start this lucrative business, it is necessary to get a license. The sale of the Jewellery, made of precious metals and stones, is governed by special rules, which contains limitations on sales established by government regulatory body.


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    Retail can be done through a dedicated sales network, including jewellery stores and the relevant department stores. Because the sale of such products in small retail trade networks, markets and by hands is prohibited.

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    The existing requirements imposed on shops and offices should realize the obligation to carry the weight measuring device complying with the types and classes of accuracy. Measuring equipment and testing equipment should be in the order established by the government regulations.

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    The seller is free to choose the goods, check the quality, completeness, weight and price. The buyer has the right to ask the seller to give him the measurement device and the documents proving the price of a product.

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    The buyer may ask the seller to sell him goods with free remedy deficiencies, reimbursement to address the deficiencies, for a replacement, reduced price and the indemnity for damages should he identify any weaknesses in the product.

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    Sold jewellery should contain labels that carry information about the product name, trademark manufacturer, the name of the alloy metal. It may also include the price or the price per gram of the product. It is recommended to sell jewellery along with sealed trademarks, which are attached after weighing the product.

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    Seller needs basic and professional training to know the range and characteristics of thee goods, including the names of precious metals, their sample, the names of stones, their colour and weight.

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