Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Here are three last-minute Mother’s Day ways to let your mom know how very much you love and appreciate her without her ever finding out that you only just remembered how very much you love and appreciate her.

1. Assuming Mom is an Internet user as well, make use of one of the many e-greeting card sites to send her an instant Mother’s Day greeting, or up the ante a bit and send Mom an instant gift via the Internet. There are many retail websites (think books) that allow you to purchase a gift card/gift certificate that the retailer will send via e-mail directly to Mom’s inbox. You can order and have the gift e-mail sent the same day, so Mom will never have to know that you didn’t plan ahead. It will appear that you are not only thoughtful, but that you are Internet savvy as well.

2. Call your mom on Mother’s Day and share with her a memory from your childhood of a moment when you knew how very lucky you were to have her for your mom. Really give this some sincere thought and don’t deny Mom any of the emotion that this memory calls forth. Trust me, no mother would trade this gift from the heart for a bouquet of flowers. This is what we mothers live for.

3. Not planning ahead this time doesn’t mean that you can’t plan ahead for a special outing with Mom in the future. Call your mom on Mother’s Day and request her company for dinner, a movie, or even a day-trip (outlet shopping, antiquing, etc.) to take place on an upcoming visit together. This will not only give her the pleasure of knowing she was thought of on her special day, it will give her a fun gift to look forward to as well.

Truth be told, all your Mom really wants any day of the year is to know that you love her and that you understand how very much she loves you. However you choose to convey this sweet message, your thoughtfulness is guaranteed to touch your mom’s heart not just on Mother’s Day, but for all the days to come.

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